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Mens Britton Colquitt Jerseys.The Browns spent in the offseason to keep punter Britton Colquitt and to lock up Charley Hughlett with an extension that makes him the league’s highest-paid long snapper. Colquitt was brought on last summer after the Browns traded veteran Andy Lee to Carolina for a fourth-round pick.There will be a training camp kicking competition after the Browns drafted Zane Gonzalez in the seventh round. Cody Parkey finished strong last season after a nightmarish start that included two misses on what could have been game-winning field goals in an early season game at Miami. Parkey had been an emergency replacement for Patrick Murray after Murray suffered a major knee injury during a walkthrough. Peppers will get a shot to be the punt returner, even if he ends up sharing the job. The Browns added Gonzalez because of his talent and penchant for kicking touchbacks as a college player, but also as insurance after what happened last season.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Browns ended up going with a punter, kicker and return men last season who weren’t atop the depth chart — or even on it — heading into training camp last summer.

Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys.Two years ago, while Kansas City was still an elite team for former Vols, the Denver Broncos had the trophy. They had Peyton Manning at quarterback, Malik Jackson at defensive tackle, and Britton Colquitt at punter.The value of those three players together exceeded the value of the four Chiefs.By the way, in 2012 and 2013, the Broncos had all of those guys plus Robert Ayers, not to mention Manning at his MVP level.Still, Kansas City sits alone as the franchise that has significantly utilized Vols players for the past three years. But that changes this year.The Pittsburgh Steelers now join the Chiefs with that title. Thanks to the NFL Draft, they have four former Tennessee football guys on the roster just like the Chiefs.And we are predicting that their values will soon begin to equal.Right now, the Steelers have a leader on the offensive line in Ramon Foster and a contributor in Daniel McCullers.Elite White Britton Colquitt Jerseys.We project that Cameron Sutton will become a third contributor.But the reason they will tie things up is because Joshua Dobbs, despite being a backup this year, will still be a more valuable contributor than Tyler Bray. Considering Ben Roethlisberger’s injury prone issues, he actually has a chance to start some game.

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Authentic NFL Jerseys.Britton Colquitt spent his first seven NFL seasons in Denver,  winning a Super Bowl with the Broncos this past winter. So it’s with bittersweet emotions the veteran punter starts a new journey in Cleveland.“It was tough for me just leaving somewhere that I was at for so long,” he said, “but it has been a warm welcome.”Literally and figuratively.“It helps that it’s warm, that’s nice,” Colquitt said Monday, laughing on a warm and sunny afternoon. Beautiful here so far.”Colquitt, who signed with the Browns this past weekend after the club traded Andy Lee in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick in 2018, said he’s been encouraged by positive vibes inside the building as they prepare for their season opener at Philadelphia.“The players have been awesome, the upstairs [staff] and then all the coaches are super welcoming. They really take care of their own here,” he said.Cheap White Britton Colquitt Jerseys.

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