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For a guy who ranks with the all-time great pass rushers, Charles Haley has rather pedestrian career numbers.Dallas Cowboys Jerseys China.For an average player, Charles Haley produced some mind-blowingly great numbers. His career numbers were somewhat latent. People who watched Haley recognized his greatness when they saw it, but I don’t think his career numbers reflect how dominant he was. One of his career numbers does jump of the page, however, and underscores the erotic greatness of his play on the field.Tom Brady is the greatest, most important player to ever participate in the Super Bowl. His seven appearances and five victories make it impossible to argue any other player even has a claim. Yet, the name Charles Haley keeps echoing softly in the background. Like Kevin Costner hearing “If you build it, he will come,” in the movie Field of Dreams, I keep hearing the football gods whispering “Charles Haley.” Like Tom Brady, Charles Haley won five Super Bowl rings, but unlike Brady, Haley never lost a Super Bowl and the writers never chose Haley as the MVP.Mens Charles Haley Jerseys.In fact, in the fifty-one year history of the Super Bowl, only Harvey Martin and Richard Dent won the MVP from the defensive end position.

Wholesale White Charles Haley Jerseys.When Charles Haley congratulates you, chances are you’re pretty good at playing American football.Such is the more-than-obvious case with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who just landed his fifth Super Bowl ring after mounting the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. It was all the Hall of Fame defensive end/linebacker needed to see to both welcome Brady to an elite club, and issue a friendly challenge to him.To many, Haley is not-so-arguably the most dominant pass rusher of all-time.He won five Super Bowls and is not only in the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, but also in both the 49ers HOF as well as the Dallas Cowboys’ Ring of Honor. And although the ring count is equal, Haley still holds an edge over the Patriots’ legend.Throwback Jerseys.Brady acquired his fifth Super Bowl victory over the course 17 seasons, compared to only 12 seasons for Haley.It’s fun to consider what would’ve been if both Haley and Brady played in the same generation, as the two sit on the throne of their respective positions.

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Haley, as well as many other former Cowboys greats, has given countless hours of his own time to visit with the team, attend practices, and share his vast football knowledge with the team.Cheap China Jerseys.Haley freely admits there is talent on the Defensive squad, but that “they refuse to do new things.”“I don’t watch the game because because I’d go out there and show these guys the weakness of the people they’re playing against and they refuse to even try anything” Haley said. “They’re so stuck and stupid that you cant get them out of it.”Haley, who holds an impressive laundry-list of of records as a Defensive End and Linebacker in the NFL, has worked with Gregory and the rest of the Cowboys defense in the past…but does not see the two of them connecting anytime in the future.He seems genuinely troubled by troubled by Gregory’s inability to stop wrecking his life and pro football career with drugs. “You know what, you messed up once – ok,” Haley said. “You mess up twice, you know you’ve got a problem. When you do it three and four times, how can you help him? He’s got to want it himself.”Navy Blue Charles Haley Jerseys China.“How do you throw that kind of money away” Haley questioned. “There’s go to be some deep rooted problem with the kid.”

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