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Devin Hester, the greatest return man of all time, likely played his last game ever Saturday, and it was the 10th bullet point from that game.Cheap NFL Jerseys.There was understandably a lot to say after Atlanta Falcons’ top-down win over the Seattle Seahawks — like how the Seahawks offensive line let down Russell Wilson once again, how the Falcons defense may be rounding into a championship unit, and how scary that is when paired with the league’s best offense.Those are worthy topics, too, but in a better world we could have appreciated Saturday’s game solely for Hester. If it was his last game — as he hinted afterward, saying, “I told my wife it’s pretty much my last year” — then it was a beautiful ending. All he did was keep the Seahawks within a puncher’s chance of winning on a day when the offense was marauded and the defense looked worn.It’s fitting that Hester’s best play was called back. Being a great return man is often a bittersweet role. No other play in football highlights one player and the potential of singular effort like a kick or punt return, yet that effort is often wasted. Holding penalties occur frequently on these plays. Truth be told, I still can’t see where Pierre-Louis committed the foul (though no one has disputed that it occurred).Womens Devin Hester Jerseys.Those fouls are almost always out of the sight and consciousness of the returner, who is operating on lizard brain instinct.

At least Devin Hester can tell people that he left football with more than a few gallons in the tank.Wholesale Devin Hester Jerseys.Whether that’s actually true or not, Hester has said he won’t be returning to the NFL, and his final game served up a pair of highlights that would fit in just as well with a reel from his historic rookie season. There was no pomp and circumstance, no season-long goodbye and no press conference. If it is the end of one of the most exciting players of the last decade, it is certainly a quiet one.Jerseys From China.It was almost exactly a decade ago that Hester delivered one of the most unexpected plays in Super Bowl history, even if all it did was affirm the hype of how good he really was. Less than a year out of college, Hester found himself in Super Bowl XLI with his Chicago Bears facing Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts; and make no mistake that the 2006 Bears did belong to Hester despite the fact that he didn’t play any meaningful snaps on offense or defense.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.That was clear when Chicago won the toss and elected to receive even though it’s more common for teams to defer, and just before kickoff Phil Simms said it was a “blessing” for the Colts to lose the coin toss.

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Seahawks return man Devin Hester told reporters following the loss to Atlanta that the playoff game was probably his last.”I told my wife that this is pretty much my last year,” Hester said, via comments distributed by the Seahawks. “I was hoping for a run to the Super Bowl.Elite Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.The only thing that I left out of this game is walking away without getting a ring. It’s tough.”Hester had been with the Seahawks for less than two weeks. He spent time with the Bears, Falcons, Ravens and Seahawks.Should this be it, the 34-year-old will go out third all-time in punt return yards (3,695) behind only Brian Mitchell and Dave Meggett.Authentic NFL Jerseys.He’s currently second among active players in kick return yards, behind just Darren Sproles and is 11th overall. He currently holds the NFL record for career punt return touchdowns with 14.Hester certainly looked like he had more in the tank against the Falcons.Youth Red Devin Hester Jerseys.On Saturday, he had five kick returns for a total of 194 yards. He also had an 80-yard punt return called back on a holding penalty.A second-round pick in the 2006 draft, Hester will go down as one of the most feared special teams players in NFL history.

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