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Chris Conley calls it a “quality of life” issue. Cheap Chris Conley Jerseys.The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is going to be one of several members of the team wearing a new type of helmet that works “opposite” to the way current helmets work, and the hope is to lessen the impact taken by players. For Conley this is a risk worth taking.Custom Jerseys.Conley said he will be one of 10 to 15 players on the Chiefs wearing a brand new helmet in training camp, along with Alex Smith. The hope is that the new helmet lessens trauma and allows players a better quality of life when they decide to hang up their cleats at career’s end.Youth Football Jerseys.

Elite Chris Conley Jerseys.“We’re just people, like everyone else,” said Conley in a recent press conference. “When football ends, we will have lives just like everyone else and we want quality of life. If there’s any way we can extend or greaten that quality of life by wearing a different helmet that reduces trauma, we’re going to do it. Some guys want to look cool. Some guys want to have quality of life.”Conley admitted the helmet looks different and will take some adjustment but it’s worth the attempt to adapt given what the helmet represents.Cheap Sports Jerseys.“I think whenever you change any equipment, it takes a little bit of time for you to get used to it,” Conley said. “The helmet is big, and I think that’s one of the first thing people recognize when you put it on. It’s shaped differently because it works differently. It actually works the opposite way that helmets work; the shell on the outside is soft, and the material on the inside is harder, whereas other helmets.Cheap NFL Jerseys China. there’s a hard shell on the outside and the material on the inside is softer. It kinda works backwards.”

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Cheap Jerseys From China.“Conley is among the most thoughtful Chiefs players. He’ll do well as the spokesperson of sorts for the Kansas City wide receivers now that Jeremy Maclin is gone. If the networks are looking for someone colorful and controversial, they could do a lot worse than TE Travis Kelce.”Conley would be a great choice, but it’s more likely he heads to Hollywood after retirement. Kelce, meanwhile, would be an awesome addition to a network’s broadcast team. He’s hilarious and seeps endless charisma. And he already has TV experience.My sleeper candidate is linebacker Derrick Johnson. He’s a good talker and would make a great analyst with tons of football knowledge.Wholesale Jerseys. If Johnson doesn’t go the coaching route after football, breaking down film on camera could be a realistic option for him.

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