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Cheap Jerseys From China.NFL superpowers will collide when the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos meet in Week 2 at Sports Authority Field.The tilt pits the Cowboys’ explosive offense versus Denver’s dominant defense — ergo, plenty of one-on-ones between WR Dez Bryant and CB Chris Harris Jr., “rivals” dating back to their college days at Oklahoma State and Kansas, respectively. Wholesale Chris Harris Jerseys.Speaking on the matchup, Harris was complimentary of Dallas’ receiving corps, which also includes former Baylor star Terrance Williams. He’s probably one of the best touchdown scorers in our league. Just try to keep him away from the end zone. Authentic NFL Jerseys.Man, you know what he loves to do, you know he loves the jump ball, so try to get to his hands first.

Youth Football Jerseys.“You can’t always go back into the black-and-white footage,” Harrison said. “Sometimes, guys are recent. And Aqib Talib and Chris Harris, Jr., these guys have been great for [the Denver Broncos]. And again, you say, this was just last year, how can you say ‘all time’? Because I think in 10 years, people are gonna appreciate what these guys were able to do. I know that DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller have been great.Steve Wyche was also on NFL Total Access for the segment, and he agreed that Harris and Talib have been outstanding.Elite Chris Harris Jerseys.“They’re conjoined,” Wyche said, “but the one thing you talk about: These guys play a lot of man coverage. These aren’t these guys just cherry-picking back here in zone. They play a lot of man coverage, they’re very aggressive and willing tacklers. Chris Harris, one of my favorite players. Aqib Talib, one of the best cover guys.”The only tandems ranked ahead of Harris and Talib were the 1962 Detroit Lions pair of Dick Lane and Dick LeBeau and 1983 Oakland Raiders cornerbacks Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes.Jerseys From China.

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Yet, when you hear talk of the elite cornerbacks in the league, Harris is rarely the first mentioned. Players such as Richard Sherman, Malcolm Butler, Marcus Peters and so on all come up before the mention of Harris. Jerseys For Sale.Hell, some would probably mention fellow Bronco Aqib Talib before Harris in that type of debate.While all of those players are certainly worthy of mentioning in that conversation, they are inferior to Harris, even if the margin isn’t necessarily substantial. Going just beyond grades from PFF or statistical production, what makes Harris the best in the league is the simple fact that he’s not just great, but he’s more versatile than any other cornerback at his level.Cheap Sports Jerseys.

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