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Cheap Navy Blue Cody Latimer Jerseys.With the words “quarterback competition” heading into training camp this year, this bodes well for Paxton Lynch to continue to impress the coaching staff. The best thing to happen to Lynch are those words. All indications foresee Lynch being the starter in 2017 and week one, but more importantly the offensive line is better.A more cohesive unit on offense can better gel in all phases on that side of the ball. The Denver Broncos signed Ronald Leary and Menelik Watson to provide a “kick in the pants” for the offensive line. This “kick in the pants” helps the running game, passing game and quarterback play in general.Speaking of the passing game, it is in desperate need of a wake up call at the third wide receiver spot.Elite Denver Broncos Jerseys.The Denver Broncos drafted two wide receivers to make an impact. Bennie Fowler played great with Peyton Manning, but the Hall of Fame quarterback is gone. Manning saw a high ceiling to Jordan Taylor in his time recuperating in 2015, but Taylor’s failing to provide consistent punch. Former second round pick Cody Latimer has played too inconsistent for my taste since being drafted in 2014 NFL Draft. However, Latimer is an incredible special teams standout.

Cheap NFL Jerseys.For three seasons, Cody Latimer has been underutilized, to put it lightly. The Denver Broncos used a second round draft pick on Latimer in 2014, a time when they weren’t desperate for help at the receiver position but assumed that Latimer would quickly ascend to the role left behind by free agent Eric Decker.Latimer didn’t enter the NFL a polished prospect by any means, but to not see him on the field hardly at all was a bit of a shock. John Elway called Latimer the best blocking receiver in the draft that year, and we’ve seen at times his ability in that regard.In fact, we saw it on display Sunday in the Broncos’ regular season finale against the Oakland Raiders, when Latimer perfectly sealed a touchdown catch and run by Devontae Booker on third and long.Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is one of the better blockers at wide receiver in the NFL, and Latimer could certainly be as well, but we don’t see him on the field nearly enough.Elite Orange Cody Latimer Jerseys.The Broncos had been throwing guys out there all season to see if anyone could lock down the no. 3 receiver position. Included in that mix was Jordan Norwood, Jordan Taylor, and Bennie Fowler.

Wholesale Navy Blue Cody Latimer Jerseys

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The Denver Broncos drafted Cody Latimer in the second-round of the 2014 NFL Draft with the hopes that he develops into one of the team’s top receivers.Authentic NFL Jerseys.So far, he as been a disappointment, catching just 16 receptions for 158 yards and one touchdowns during his first three seasons in the leag.Optimism engulfed the air once Latimer was drafted by the Broncos. Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks to have every played the game, was getting a highly athletic young prospect to throw the ball to in Denver’s high-volume passing attack. The stage was set for Latimer to hit the field and become the team’s new star wide receiver.Things didn’t pan out for the young wide receiver, as he struggled to get on the field during the first three years of his career.Mens Cody Latimer Jerseys.Every year, training camp would consist of rave reviews of how Latimer was finally hitting his potential, and how he was elected to be a candidate to finally breakout.

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