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Custom Jerseys.The Deacon Jones Award is given to the best player that is the sack leader in the NFL. The award was named after Deacon Jones. He was one of the most terrific, hard hitting, and aggressive lineman that the league has every seen. After he passed away in 2013, the NFL decided to honor him by giving an award in his honor.The player that has the most sacks this season is Atlanta Falcons’ Vic Beasley Jr. Beasley is averaging around 15.5 sacks. He brings a lot of speed on the defensive side. He can get around defenders and uses his speed to push the offensive guard off of him. He likes to make a move to the inside and that is why he has been very successful this season. The Falcons are one game from the Super Bowl and they have to give credit for this young man that came into this league with a mission.The second sack leader is Denver Broncos Von Miller. Miller averaged 13.5 sacks. Even though he started off the season slow, he finished second as far as the sack leaders. It is hard to contain Miller. He has the ability to power through Offensive Lineman and make a move around them to get to the opponents’ QB. Each year Miller has improved and has shown the league that he still can get it down on the defensive side of things.Elite White Deacon Jones Jerseys.

Jones was born in Eatonville, Florida, and lived in a four-bedroom house with his family of ten.Jones attended Hungerford High School, where he played football, baseball, and basketball.During high school, Jones developed a lump in his thigh and learned that it was a tumor; he had surgery to remove it.Mens Deacon Jones Jerseys Sale.When he was 14 years old, he witnessed a carload of white teenagers laughingly hit an elderly black church woman with a watermelon. The woman died days later from the injury, and there was never a police investigation. “Unlike many black people then, I was determined not to be what society said I was,” Jones later recounted. “Thank God I had the ability to play a violent game like football. It gave me an outlet for the anger in my heart.”Jones’ college football career consisted of a year at South Carolina State University in 1958, followed by a year of inactivity in 1959 and a final season at Mississippi Vocational College in 1960.South Carolina State revoked Jones’ scholarship after they learned that he participated in a protest during the Civil Rights Movement.However, one of the assistant football coaches at South Carolina State was leaving to coach at Mississippi Vocational, and told Jones and some of the other African-American players that he could get them scholarships at the new school.Cheap Football Jerseys.While he was playing at Mississippi Vocational, he and his African-American teammates had to sleep in cots in the opposing team’s gym because motels would not take them on numerous occasions.

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Cheap Jerseys From China.The Washington Redskins, for whom Jones played his final NFL season in 1974, posted an obituary on their website Monday night after announcing the news.Jones died of natural causes in his Anaheim Hills, Calif., home, the Los Angeles Times reported. Jones’ stepson, Greg Pinto, told the Times that his stepfather was sick for some time, so his death wasn’t unexpected. Jones was at home with his family at his bedside when he died Monday night.NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued the following statement about Jones on Tuesday: “He was an icon among the icons. Even with his fellow Hall of Famers, Deacon Jones held a special status. He was a hard-charging football player and the original sack artist who coined the term. He is warmly regarded by his peers not only as one of the greatest players in NFL history but also for his tremendous influence and sense of humor. Deacon Jones will be missed but always remembered. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Elizabeth and the entire Jones family.”Wholesale Deacon Jones Jerseys.


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