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Baltimore Ravens’ tight end Dennis Pitta’s career is likely over after he dislocated his hip for the third time in five years.Custom Jerseys.Hip dislocations are relatively rare, as the joint is very stable. The bone is shaped like a true ball and socket. Shoulders dislocate much more frequently as the bone is more “golf ball on a tee”. Motor vehicle accident-type force with the hip in an unusual position is required to make the femoral head come out of the socket.Any single hip dislocation is potentially career threatening. Bo Jackson suffered a hip subluxation (transient dislocation) that led to a hip replacement, which ended his NFL career.With the significant force involved in playing in the NFL, there is potential of a fracture, damage to articular cartilage and tearing the labrum and/or capsule. This can lead to degenerative joint disease (traumatic arthritis), recurrent instability or avascular necrosis (where the blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted).Pitta had surgery for a hip fracture dislocation in 2013. The following season he re-dislocated the hip without being touched.Womens Dennis Pitta Jerseys.

The Baltimore Ravens have already suffered through two significant injuries very early in OTAs, and one could be career-ending.Authentic White Dennis Pitta Jerseys.The Cleveland Browns’ front office keeps wheeling and dealing, this time, they’re bringing in a (so far disappointing) first round talent. Contract negotiations seem to be heating up between Le’Veon Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers, though Bell still isn’t showing up for OTAs.In what has to be one of the more somber stories so far this season, Dennis Pitta re-injured his right hip during a non-contact play during OTAs. Pitta was diving for a pass, and when he got up couldn’t put pressure on his leg.This is the third time Pitta has injured this same hip, and unfortunately this one could be a career-ending injury. Pitta, who already made an incredible comeback to even be at this point, may have played his last down in the NFL.The 31 year old would’ve been a part of a very crowded tight end room. This injury opens the door for players like Maxx Williams, Darren Waller and Nick Boyle. Benjamin Watson and Crockett Gillmore figure to be the starting tight ends now, but Joe Flacco will surely miss his favorite target and the tight end who caught more passes than any other NFL player at his position in 2017.Cheap Football Jerseys.This injury probably won’t hurt the Ravens’ offense too much because they are deep at tight end, but it will have a hit on morale, for now.

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It’s heartbreaking to watch a player be forced to walk away from their dream too soon, but, for Baltimore Ravens tight end, Dennis Pitta, the end of his career is more heartbreaking than others.Authentic Kamar Aiken Jerseys.Pitta was drafted by the Ravens in 2010 in the fourth round. Since then he has become a top target for quarterback Joe Flacco. He is consistent and always reliable. But then in 2013 Pitta suffered a devastating hip dislocation and fracture in training camp. After that, I was sure his career was at an end. Coming back to the NFL after a hip fracture sounded nearly impossible. But, to everyone’s surprise he came back for the 2014 season ready to play. Then in the game against the Cleveland Browns he dislocated the same hip from the previous year on a non-contact injury. He needed surgery and was out for the remainder of the season. Once again, I thought there was no chance he could come back from this. Two hip injuries in two years. I figured even if he could come back, there was no way he would actually risk it. Many discouraged Pitta from returning, and I kept waiting to hear of his retirement.White Dennis Pitta Jerseys Sale.

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