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The Atlanta Falcons got a steal when they selected Devonta Freeman in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft.Freeman has helped turn the Atlanta offense into one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL the past two seasons.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Freeman improved from his 2015 ranking of No. 50. He was a violent runner at FSU, but has gotten better since becoming a featured back his second year in the league.His ability to show patience at the line of scrimmage and explode through the hole is what separates him from most other running backs in the league.Freeman has displayed a bit more wiggle/elusiveness in the open field compared to what he showed at FSU. He’s breaking ankles in the open field which has aided him in averaging nearly five yards per carry last season.Freeman turned 25 years old in March, and has 359 less carries in his career up to this point than Adrian Peterson had in his first three seasons.That’s an entire season worth of wear and tear he’s been able to avoid which should bode well for his longevity.Mens Devonta Freeman Jerseys.

Ahead of the Super Bowl, NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported that Freeman’s agent claimed the back deserved “elite pay,” a comment that, due to its timing and confidence, seemed to anticipate a contract struggle coming this offseason before the terms expire in 2018.Red Devonta Freeman Jerseys China.Fast forward past the Super Bowl collapse, one badly missed block and an offseason of little change in Atlanta, and Freeman still holds himself in that same regard. The tailback said this week that, while he won’t hold out, “I want to be the best. I want to be elite paid. Whatever that is, that’s where I want to be — straight up.”With momentum building toward an impasse, in the same vein of DeAndre Hopkins with the Texans last season, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff took to the airwaves to set the record straight regarding Freeman’s contract situation.”Like I’ve said before, we want him here and he’s a very important part of our organization. Contrary to what people were saying around the Super Bowl time with what came out, we’re ready in the relatively near future to have some discussions with their representation,” Dimitroff told Adam Schein on Schein on Sports. “Devonta, he’s a really good guy, he’s really — as far as his personality — he’s so hyper competitive.Authentic NFL Jerseys.He’s an urgent, angry runner, which we want and we know is important for us. We want him to be around for years to come and we’re confident that we’ll be able to get it done.”

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Over the past two seasons, Falcons running back Devonta Freeman has emerged as one of the more consistent and underrated running backs in the NFL.Womens Devonta Freeman Jerseys.And now he wants to be paid accordingly. Actually the contract demands have been there since the week of the Super Bowl (nice timing), when Freeman’s agent said the running back should be paid in “elite” fashion. Freeman himself echoed that sentiment in comments to ESPN’s Josina Anderson recently, saying that he believes the time has come for him to be paid.”I want to be the best. I want to be elite paid,” Freeman said. “Whatever that is, that’s where I want to be — straight up.”And Freeman appears to understand how this is going to play out and isn’t going to try and hold out for the final year of his deal.”Me and my team, we already said what we expected and wanted so there is no need for me to sit around here saying ‘why my contract not done?’ ‘Why is this, and why is that?’ I don’t have to do that,” Freeman said. “I don’t have those problems because realistically I am under contract already.Cheap Football Jerseys.I have to play my fourth season, so it’s no big deal.”The Falcons don’t disagree with the idea of paying Freeman, with GM Thomas Dimitroff saying before the Super Bowl that the team wants to keep the running back around.

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