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The Kansas City Chiefs current free agency situation reminds me of John Dorsey’s first year with the Chiefs in 2013. Authentic Dwayne Bowe Jerseys.The Chiefs had a few big free agents hitting the market, including Branden Albert and Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs opted to tag Albert and sign Bowe to a long-term deal.It’s not quite the same but Eric Berry and Dontari Poe are similar this year, and the Chiefs should hope for a similar result where they can keep both even if for just one more year.Youth Football Jerseys. In the Albert / Bowe situation, the Chiefs were in a tough spot with Albert because they had just drafted Eric Fisher. They had no receivers so they really needed Bowe and eventually had to overpay him.This year, the Chiefs just drafted Chris Jones and have some depth on the defensive line. They don’t have that same depth at safety. In our comparison to four years ago, that would mean Berry gets the big contract before free agency.Cheap Sports Jerseys.

Authentic NFL Jerseys.That has now fallen upon the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have fans panicking after GM David Griffin was allowed to walk even after taking the team to three consecutive NBA Finals. It seemed to be a power move by owner Dan Gilbert, and Browns fans know a thing or two about those types of moves.The Cavaliers will likely recover, but it is crazy to see the franchise in disarray one year after winning a championship. It is even crazier that the Cavaliers have usurped the Browns as the most dysfunctional team in town, at least at the moment.While this sheds negative light on the Cavaliers, the change also comes because of the great work done by Sashi Brown and his staff since coming aboard at the beginning of 2016.Wholesale Jerseys. He came in with a plan and has stuck to it, avoiding any absurd Dwayne Bowe-esque contracts made by previous people in charge.

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Custom Jerseys.It’s not as if the Chiefs won’t be able to continue on the track they’ve established since Andy Reid took over in 2013. It’s just harder to make the case they will persist on the present course.The moves the Chiefs made in previous offseasons were those of a team reloading for annual contention. Despite being up against the salary cap in 2015 and ’16, the Chiefs added or extended pieces that helped them assemble AFC challengers.Elite Dwayne Bowe Jerseys.The draft and strange June make the Chiefs look less like a franchise that believes its moves of the recent past are enough to mount a realistic challenge for a Super Bowl title in 2017. Rather, the decisions come closer to acknowledging the team as presently constructed wouldn’t have been viable enough for such an ascent.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.

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