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Authentic NFL Jerseys.Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson returned to Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the Los Angeles Rams’ season finale on New Year’s Day. It marked the first time he has been around the team since his infamous public spat with former head coach Jeff Fisher.Dickerson attended his first Rams game since Week 5 against the Buffalo Bills.”I’m glad to be back,” Dickerson said on the sidelines, about an hour before kickoff against the Arizona Cardinals. “I really am. I love my football team, the team I played for. I wish I would’ve played my whole career for them. I didn’t. But I still have a soft spot for the Rams, and I just want us to win. I want us to have a shot like every other team. It’s no fun being at the bottom. Everybody loves a winner.”Dickerson was at odds with the organization after Fisher called him to allegedly deny him sideline passes over his criticism of the team. Dickerson expressed his anger through several media outlets in late November and vowed to not attend a Rams game while Fisher remained coach. Fisher was fired Dec. 12, and Dickerson said then that he would try to return for one of the team’s final two home games.Wholesale Eric Dickerson Jerseys.

On Sunday the Rams will play their first game in Los Angeles since Dec. 24, 1994. On game day it will have been 7,939 days since the Rams last hosted a regular season NFL contest in L.A.It was supposed to be a joyous moment for local fans that watched their team from afar for two decades.Eric Dickerson Jerseys China.It was supposed to be a celebration.After a humiliating shutout loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, the Rams’ return has the chance of becoming a laughing stock in Los Angeles.On NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Rams great Eric Dickerson called Monday night’s debacle “an embarrassment.””The city is happy. You know, the one thing about Los Angeles is you got to win,” the Hall of Fame running back said. “That’s the No. 1 thing — you’ve got to win in that city. And what they showed Monday night was an embarrassment. As a football team, they got to pick themselves up for the Seattle Seahawks and kind of get it back together.”After watching the Case Keenum-led offense Monday night rack up a total of 185 yards, fans are right to enter Sunday’s tilt versus the Seahawks with skepticism.”I’ve been saying from Day 1 to the fans, ‘Be patient, this is a young football team,'” Dickerson said. “But you can’t live by that. They’ve been saying that for the last four, five years but hey, you’ve got to keep some veterans on the team. You’ve got to have some leaders on that team, some veterans.”Men Los Angeles Rams Jerseys.

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Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Eric Dickerson is no fan of the Dallas Cowboys, but he still wouldn’t mind playing for them.That is, of course, if he still had the youthful exuberance to put up the numbers he once did. The Hall of Fame running back explained in a recent interview that based on what he’s seeing around the league, it’s the Cowboys who have designed the perfect situation for a RB to thrive.So when asked recently in a Pro Football Hall of Fame Facebook live feed who he’d like to suit up for right now, if he could, his answer was unequivocal.”When you think about getting drafted, you think about a team that’s winning. For a running back, you look at the offensive line,” said Dickerson, via The Dallas Morning News. “Now I got to say this, I’m not a Cowboys fan. I never been a Cowboys fan, but the way they have that offensive line set up, I think I’d want to go to the Cowboys. I am from Texas — never liked the Cowboys, but you have to look at those guys up front and what they mean to you.”I look at Ezekiel Elliott, the great year he had. Dak Prescott, the great year that he had. A lot of that is due because of the guys up front. So, if I had to get drafted right now, I think I’d go to the Cowboys. I think my second choice would be the Oakland Raiders.”Elite Eric Dickerson Jerseys.


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