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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.I will help you stall a little bit by reminding you that this is one of the NFL’s storied franchises, a team that has appeared in five Super Bowls and won three of them. You want wide receivers? By the time you get past Fred Biletnikoff and Cliff Branch and Tim Brown, you’re lobbying for multi-receiver sets. You want cornerbacks? Skip Thomas and Nnamdi Asomugha wouldn’t even get a chance to play the nickel on an all-time Raiders defense.But inside linebackers? They have been a strange and glaring rarity in Raiders lore.Wholesale Oakland Raiders Jerseys.The last one to make the Pro Bowl was Matt Millen, in 1988. He got there one time. The only other inside ’backers so honored, Dan Conners (1966-68) and Archie Matsos (1963), both played in the AFL All-Star Game rather than the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl, evidence that we’re talking about a completely different era. Since Millen, the middle of the Raiders defense has been occupied by the game but limited (Kirk Morrison) and the bizarre (Rolando McClain), but mostly by a parade of middling and forgettable performers like Riki Ellison, Joe Kelly, Napoleon Harris, Miles Burris and Malcolm Smith.Cheap Fred Biletnikoff Jerseys.

Authentic Fred Biletnikoff Jerseys.Gold Jacket Fred Biletnikoff couldn’t have been happier walking through the Pro Football Hall of Fame knowing that his former quarterback and close friend Ken Stabler will soon have a bronze bust along his in the Hall of Fame Gallery.“We’re glad he’s in,” said Biletnikoff. “He’s missing a hell of a party believe me, but I know he’s up there looking down and smiling at everybody.”The former Oakland Raiders wide receiver was in Canton yesterday to support Stabler’s daughters, Kendra and Marissa, and his long-time partner, Kim Ross-Bush, as they planned for Stabler’s Enshrinement.“Cheap NFL Jerseys China.He was a great leader that really gave off a sense of success all the time – a sense that we were going to win. He had control of the ball game up there, he controlled the team and that’s what a leader has to do. He was that all the way around. No matter what it was Kenny had control over the game, the team, the players, the personnel you had on the field – knew how to use everybody to be successful. He never put anybody in a bad position. He always called plays that guys were going to look great. And that was one of the big assets Kenny had. He was a great guy.”The pair also had another great leader while they played in Oakland – Gold Jacket John Madden. Biletnikoff joked about the timeouts Madden would call during games while Stabler was playing quarterback.Elite Oakland Raiders Jerseys.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys.Fred Biletnikoff looked at the list of people that preceded him as recipients for Man of the Year from the Walter Camp Football Foundation. It had been over a half-century since he was an All-American college football player himself.“It’s a Who’s Who of college football,” Biletnikoff said about the list. “To have your name involved with the rest of those guys, I never expected anything like this.”Biletnikoff, a Walter Camp All-American in 1964, won’t be making the trip to New Haven for the football foundation’s dinner on Jan. 16 due to recent knee replacement surgery. But the former Super Bowl Most Valuable Player from the Oakland Raiders is being recognized as much for his accomplishments off the field than on.Each year, the “Man of the Year” award honors an individual who has been closely associated with college football either as a player, coach or close attendant to the game. Not only has that person needed to be successful in the sport, but also have contributed in some form or fashion to his community or to the game itself.Wholesale Fred Biletnikoff Jerseys Sale.


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