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Wholesale Golden Tate Jerseys.“We are going to be the best duo in the league,” Golden Tate said a few months ago. “We are going to feed off each other, what I do well and what he does well. We’re going to go after it all next season. I’m hyped to see what both of us are going to be able to do. Not just me, but also the coaches. I already know the coaches are thinking next year with both of us out there, it allows us to do so much from the defensive side.Cheap China Jerseys.”“It’s going to be crazy,” echoed Hayward. “I’m not sure what offenses are going to do. People are going to have to make plays, but we are going to be up for that challenge. Not too many teams can say they have two Pro Bowl corners with one on each side. That’s going to be crazy.”Cheap China Jerseys.

The Seattle Seahawks wanted to keep wide receiver Golden Tate during 2014 free agency, but coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday he doesn’t believe the franchise’s offer to Tate was communicated correctly.”We did try to bring him back,” Carroll said in a conference call with Detroit reporters.Elite Golden Tate Jerseys. “We made an offer that didn’t get communicated really well at the time, and I think he’s a terrific player. I loved him on our team, but you can’t keep everybody, and so during the process of the negotiations, he went elsewhere.Jerseys For Sale.”I was disappointed that we didn’t communicate with Golden really clearly our end of it. So now it becomes a negotiation where I didn’t feel like he had all the information he needed. And we needed to do a better job of that,” Carroll said.”I felt when I realized what had happened, we were too late to really make a shot at it. The thing happened the first week of free agency. It’s crazy that time of year. Stuff was flying and all that, so we lost him. Wholesale Jerseys.But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have lost him no matter what, because he got paid really well, he got a great contract and all that. I just wish we would have communicated better so everybody would have had the information.”Tate said Tuesday that his free agency “happened so quick, I don’t even know. Maybe that is what happened, but I don’t know.”

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“Just saw my buddy get extended and that’s obviously the goal,” Tate said. “I have this season and next season until I can really think about it, but it wasn’t nothing malicious or mean hinting at it. I mean, I’m hinting at it in a few years, of course.Youth Football Jerseys.”I would love to stay here. I’m having a lot of fun. We have a great foundation. I love where we’re going so I’d love to be here but we’ll see. I’ve still got time.”The Lions have made two playoff appearances in three seasons since Tate’s arrival and he helped the franchise deal with the early retirement of Calvin Johnson last year. Tate said he hopes if things go well in 2017 that they do have extension talks, but also that it’s still a “long way away as far as I’m concerned.Cheap NFL Jerseys.”He did, though, say he would be open to finishing his career in Detroit.

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