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Haloti Ngata is like a lot of aging vets in that playing in the NFL is a year-to-year proposition at this point in his career.Elite Baltimore Ravens Jerseys.Ngata told the Free Press in January that he was considering retirement if the Lions made a long playoff run and reached the Super Bowl.That didn’t happen, of course, and with one year left on his contract, Ngata will return for a 13th NFL season this fall, his third with the Lions.“Obviously, when you get to (have) played as many years as he has, you never know,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said at the owners meetings this week. “And I think once a guy gets about eight, nine years (in), that’s certainly always a possibility. But certainly we’re glad that he’s coming back.”Ngata, 33, is coming off what was statistically the worst season of his career.Ngata, 33, is a two-time All-Pro and five time Pro Bowl selection.Breer tweeted that Ngata recently informed the Lions he plans to play again and that the coaching staff had previously been uncertain that Ngata would be back.A first-round pick of the Ravens in 2006, Ngata was traded to the Lions in 2015.Womens Haloti Ngata Jerseys.He’s started every game for which he’s been healthy over the last two seasons and has four sacks with the Lions. He’s started 160 of 162 games in his career and has also played in 17 postseason games.

Ngata is of NFL fame, currently, for the Detroit Lions. They are both champions. Ngata has a Super Bowl ring earned with the Baltimore Ravens, while Maatta has a Stanley Cup to his credit in 2016 for the Penguins.Even positionally, both of these professional athletes play defence.Wholesale Haloti Ngata Jerseys.Maatta is a blueliner, while Ngata is a defensive tackle. Incidentally, both were drafted inside the first round of their respective leagues, Maatta at 22nd overall and Ngata going 12th.Even their height is almost the same. Maatta is six-foot-three, while Ngata stands six-foot-four. Both have also experienced shoulder injuries that have cost them games in the pinnacle of their sport’s leagues.However, that may be where the similarities end. It’s going to be very hard to confuse one for the other.Maatta weighs in at 206 pounds, whereas Ngata tops the scale at 340 pounds. The other easily-recognizable element is that Maatta is Scandinavian, from Finland. On the other hand, Ngata is from Inglewood, California, and is of Tongan descent.They are both active players in their leagues, though Ngata is presumably at the end of his career.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.The NFL Players’ Association claims an NFL career averages 3.5 seasons; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it’s about nine years for first-round picks; while Bleacher Report measures a defensive tackle’s career duration at about seven years. Ngata is entering his 11th season.

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His body felt good and his heart was willing, but before Haloti Ngata decided to return for a 12th NFL season, he had to make sure his brain was in working order.Throwback Jerseys.Ngata said Thursday he underwent a battery of neurological tests this winter that helped convince him to play another season of football.The tests, which he learned about through a life-enrichment program put on by his agency, Priority Sports, took place over a two-week span at the CORE Institute in Brighton, and Ngata said they showed no ill effects from his years in sports.”With all the things that’s going on with brains and stuff throughout the league, you hear that stuff and me especially, I don’t want to have problems (as I get) older,” Ngata said. “I want to be able to raise my kids and be able to play with them when they’re older and still be able to beat them in wrestling matches when they’re teenagers. So stuff like that.”Ngata, 33, said there was not a specific incident that prompted him to pursue the testing, but rather he wanted “just to make sure” he was in a good cognitive state.Mens Purple Haloti Ngata Jerseys.He said he’s been diagnosed with one concussion in his NFL career, and his concern about the long-term effects of brain injuries has increased as the topic has become more mainstream in recent years.

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