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Wholesale Jerseys.The Michigan football program gets points for research.When Grayson Boomer came on a Thursday unofficial visit, the U-M staff was ready for the nation’s No. 1 tight end in the 2019 class. Boomer, ranked. 18 overall player, spent the past four years intrigued by Michigan’s All-America Jake Butt, even before Butt was a national name.Cheap Jake Butt Jerseys.So when Boomer dropped in to see the Wolverines this week, a big surprise awaited.“Jake Butt sent in a film of him talking about me,” Boomer said Friday, after he completed his three-day tour of Ohio State, U-M and Notre Dame. “He was like, ‘Hey Grayson, what’s up, I just want to congratulate you on all your success.’ So they actually had a video presentation with Jake Butt talking to me. I had a little fanboy moment. I was freaking out for a bit. It was awesome.”Jerseys For Sale.

Wholesale NFL Jerseys.“The people there,” Boomer said. “You think you’re going to go there and see a huge factory. You go there and think it’s going to be a bunch of coaches yelling at you. But Coach (Jim) Harbaugh is one of the nicest dudes I’ve ever met. Everything was very friendly, everyone was very friendly. They made me feel at home.”Harbaugh’s tight end history, beyond Jake Butt, is part of the appeal to Boomer as well.Once he began emerging as an elite prospect last year, Boomer began researching those schools and he dove into Harbaugh’s history and noted Coby Fleener and a few other tight ends who advanced to the NFL from Stanford.Seeing how they were used was noteworthy but also watching their blocking also stuck with Boomer.Cheap Football Jerseys.“Most tight ends these days are strictly receiving tight ends and they can only catch the ball and run, but I’m pretty versatile in what I can do,” Boomer said.

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Cheap Authentic Jerseys.More than just a name, however, Butt is an absolute stud on the football field. The more I dive into the Broncos’ 2017 NFL Draft class, the more I’m beginning to see why Butt was not only perhaps their best pick.Elite Jake Butt Jerseys. but maybe the best pick any team made in the entire draft.Now, I’m not saying that Butt is a better pro prospect than Myles Garrett or anything like that. I’m saying that for where the Broncos were able to get him, he will likely prove to be the best bang for the buck in this year’s class.Players like this simply do not last to the fifth round.Youth Football Jerseys.

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