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The Falcons have one of the most enviable tackle situations in football. Jake Matthews is a young, above average left tackle who is getting better every year, and Ryan Schraeder is one of the best right tackles in football. Jake Matthews Jerseys Sale.They’re both tough, talented, and durable, and so long as they remain healthy, Atlanta’s in great shape at the position.There’s a so long tinged with if there, though, and that’s where the question marks come in. The Falcons don’t currently have an established backup at the position, and while there are some interesting young players competing this summer, that’s not an ideal scenario for one of the best teams in the NFL.You all know about Matthews, who is heading for a huge contract extension, and Schraeder, who already has one. So let’s focus on the others, here.Graf has been kicking around the roster for a little bit, and was a solid starter at USC. As you’d expect, he’s a good athlete for the position and certainly has more experience with the team than any of the other current candidates, which could very well work in his favor.Atlanta Falcons Jerseys Sale.Knappe is my sleeper pick at the moment. He’s a fairly recent convert to football, but he’s a great athlete, has the size and strength you look for, and would be a very interesting project for Atlanta on the practice squad if he doesn’t make the roster outright.

It is nearly impossible for Jake Matthews to take a single significant step in his football life and not trip over family.That certainly will be the case this weekend when his Hall of Fame father and as many as nine others on his branch of the Matthews tree come to town and bunk at Jake’s place before Sunday’s NFC Championship game.Mens Jake Matthews Jerseys.The most immediate family connection in Sunday’s Falcons-Green Bay game will be the head-to-head between left tackle Jake and his cousin, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews. It will be their second on-field meeting since Jake was drafted first by the Falcons in 2014 (Clay was out with a hamstring injury during the 2016 regular-season game between the teams).“I guess the first one was not good because we lost,” Jake recalled of a Monday night 43-37 loss to Green Bay his rookie season. There’s even video evidence of Clay ducking inside his cousin on the way to a sack.“It was fun, kind of surreal going against him. A cool challenge.”And, now, when the stakes include an invitation to the Super Bowl? “I know it’s going to be a challenge for me. I’m excited about it, looking forward to it. And I’m confident,” he said.Beyond that, consider this other footnote from the Matthews family scrapbook.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.As Jake plays the final game inside the doomed Georgia Dome, he will be closing out a place where his father, lineman Bruce Matthews, played the biggest of his 311 regular-season and postseason games.

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Jake Matthews, two weeks from his eighth birthday, remembers the confetti falling from the roof of the Georgia Dome back on January 30, 2000.He was in the stands for Super Bowl XXXIV, standing just behind the Titans bench.Authentic NFL Jerseys.His father, Bruce, was on the field, just behind receiver Kevin Dyson as he stretched his right arm out toward the goal line, football in hand.His reaction when Dyson was tackled one-yard short?“I was ticked off,’’ Matthews recalled this week. “Just an angry little kid.”Matthews will be back at the Super Bowl here on Sunday, in his hometown, against the New England Patriots. He’s a starting tackle for the Atlanta Falcons. And, in just his third season, he’s in a game it took his dad, Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, a lot longer to get to.“It took him 17 years to win an AFC Championship game and make it to the Super Bowl – this is my third year, and he’s a little envious of that,” Jake Matthews said with a smile. “He never won one, so now it’s my shot.”Bruce Matthews played 19 seasons, with the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans, and went to a record 14 Pro Bowls.White Jake Matthews Jerseys.He never made it back to the Super Bowl again, but he couldn’t be prouder for his son.



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