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Jason Witten has heard about “the window” for years and has never shied away from it. He has always acknowledged that his time to win a Super Bowl is now.He said that in 2016. He said that in 2015. He said that in 2014.Elite Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.He said that, of course, with the mindset that he and quarterback Tony Romo were on the back end of their careers and needed to make a run sooner than later.Well, it never happened with Romo, who walked away from the game and into the CBS Sports broadcast booth this off-season.But, to Witten’s surprise, his window to win remains just as realistic now as it was three years ago with or without Romo. Witten and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a fortunate situation where there will be no rebuilding process in the first Romo-less year.Everyone knows the rise of Dak Prescott by now and how he filled in for an injured Romo and played well enough to keep the starting job even when Romo returned last season.“I never would have envisioned that,” Witten said. “To think what Tony did in his last 20 games as a starter, I mean, I just felt really confident on what he was able to accomplish, really over the course of 14 years.Jason Witten Jerseys China.

With two of the team’s top tight ends working with the athletic trainers, the opportunity for reps and additional practice has been passed to second-year tight end Rico Gathers.Gathers is truly a second-year tight end as it is only his second year ever playing football, much less the position.Wholesale Jason Witten Jerseys.The former Baylor basketball forward spent all of 2016 on the practice squad learning not only how to play the position, but how to play football at the professional level.  Now because of injuries to other players, Gathers has been elevated and is participating with the first-team offense.With veteran Jason Witten getting his “veteran days” off from time to time, there have been days in OTAs where Gathers was the primary tight end target for Dak Prescott.This is valuable time Gathers needs if he is to make the 53 man roster this year. Last year in preseason, the Cowboys hide Gathers and didn’t give him much playing time in order to stash him for the practice squad.  Although it was necessary for the Cowboys to take that action, it certainly hurt Gathers’ development and slowed his progress.Authentic NFL Jerseys.This year, Gathers should be almost a lock to make the 53-man roster as it is unlikely 31 teams will pass on him once again.  Because of that, Gathers should get a lot of time in the preseason and training camp.

Authentic Navy Blue Jason Witten Jerseys 

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Cheap Authentic Jerseys.“Now I feel like I’m ready for everything they’ve got to throw at me this year,”Gathers said after participating in Dallas’ rookie mini-camp last week, according to the team’s official website.“I’ll be sitting next to him in our coaching sessions and I see him jotting down a note, and I’m like, ‘OK, I’ve got to jot that down, too,’” Gathers explained. “He’s the model for the Cowboys. ‘Ironman’ – that’s what they call him, right? I just look up to him. Whether it’s me going back watching film of him, every time I look at our film I’m looking at him mostly, just dissecting his every move and stuff like that. When you’ve got an idea, a model of what you want to be like right in your same locker room, you just try to pick apart everything that he does.”It behooves Gathers to learn from his possible predecessor. Witten is a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, a feat that former Cowboys tight end coach Mike Pope believes Gathers will eventually reach.Gathers’ transition to football seems to be going well.Mens Jason Witten Jerseys.Sooner or later he’ll have to prove it on the field. Until then, he’s in good hands under Witten’s tutelage.

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