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Authentic Joe Montana Jerseys.It sounds like Joe Montana agrees with Jim Harbaugh about the former 49ers coach deserving a medal for his time with the franchise.“Sometimes, you’ll make bad decisions in an organization,” the Hall of Fame quarterback recently told Sports Illustrated’s SI Now. “And I think letting Jim Harbaugh go was not a good decision on their part at that point in time. Wholesale Jerseys. All of a sudden they were in the Super Bowl and then it just took a dive.”That narrative has had plenty of attention since then, especially with Harbaugh succeeding so well as the head coach at Michigan. Authentic NFL Jerseys.It should be noted that Harbaugh is known for the friction he illicit in a organization because he believes it can bring out the best in players, coaches and the staff.

Some NFL observers assume that Colin Kaepernick’s inability to latch on with a team is solely based on his protests during the national anthem last season, but Joe Montana begs to differ.Jerseys From China. The three-time Super Bowl MVP says that Kaepernick’s passing skills are as much a problem as the “distractions” he caused in the locker room.In fact, Montana likened Kaepernick’s ability to throw the football to that of Tim Tebow, whose notoriously slow and inaccurate arm was the main reason his NFL career was so brief. The greatest quarterback in the history of the 49ers, if not the entire league, Montana made it clear that he would be just as happy to never see Kaepernick in a San Francisco uniform again. Elite  Joe Montana Jerseys. “Everyone thinks it is the stance he took; one of the things you don’t look for is distractions in the locker room,” Montana recently said to the Sporting News. “You can go back to Bill Walsh and as soon as there were guys that weren’t fitting in what he was looking for, it didn’t matter how good you were.china jerseys. You weren’t on the team for very long.

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With the NFL preseason less than a month away, Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t found his way onto an NFL roster.Whether that’s a major concern to him is a bit up in the air.Youth Football Jerseys. but the former 49ers quarterback’s current situation has already drawn plenty of commentary from sports fans and media, a season after his national anthem protests and social activism drew attention across the country.Some of the most recent remarks have come from other former San Francisco quarterbacks.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.“Colin, I’d have to sit down with him, look him in the eye, see what he really wants to do, see how much work he has in him,” Young told the KNBR hosts.

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