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The year after a torn ACL is supposed to be the hard one, yet last season Jordy Nelson looked like a post-ACL reconstruction Adrian Peterson.Jordy Nelson Jerseys Sale.On the way to NFL Comeback Player of the Year honors, Nelson defied conventional wisdom that says a player isn’t the same until two years after a torn ACL — an idea that Nelson himself acknowledged last season.Now here’s Nelson, the year after the year after he blew out his right knee in a 2015 preseason game, and the Green Bay Packers believe he could follow in the path of those who say they’re better two years after the injury than in the first season following it.“I hope he’s one of those guys who has an even better year the year after,” Packers receivers coach Luke Getsy said as OTAs began last week. “I think as the year went on, I think we saw him get better. And a lot of that, too, was he was not doing many football activities until we started our season.Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys.I think he was getting in game shape as the season was wearing on, so that’s probably why you saw a really good player by the end of the season again, and I expect nothing less than him to go out and perform at a high level again as soon as we get going.”

On third and 11 with just 54 seconds to go on their own 26-yard line, the Green Bay Packers were lights years from scoring position.As the seconds ticked down, it seemed Green Bay was content to get to overtime.Mens Green Jordy Nelson Jerseys.After all, they had Aaron Rodgers and the Chicago Bears were starting Matt Barkley.But when the ball was snapped, Jordy Nelson erupted in a full sprint, eating up the cushion LeBlanc gave him. The rookie corner remained in decent position until Rodgers heaved the ball to the middle of the field. Nelson hit a second gear LeBlanc couldn’t match.The 31-year-old receiver — just over a year removed from an ACL tear — can still fly when he needs to.He tracked the ball over his shoulder, made the catch and slid down. A 60-yard gain set the Packers up for the game-winning field goal Mason Crosby calmly nailed.After the 2015 Packers struggled to get the ball downfield, the return of Nelson was nearly all it took for the offense to reignite in 2016.Youth Football Jerseys.It was obvious from the start of the season Nelson wasn’t quite as explosive as he was before his ACL injury, but that’s to be expected. While it’s technically a one-year injury with modern surgical technology, most players will tell you it’s Year 2 when they feel fully healthy.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys China.For the first time since 2014, Jordy Nelson is participating in the Packers’ OTAs. That was Nelson’s only Pro Bowl season, which is why he – and the Packers – have high hopes for what’s in store for him in 2017.“It’s all about sharpening your skills,” coach Mike McCarthy told Ryan Wood of the USA Today Network. “The proof is in the pudding. Any time you come back from a major injury, history would support a jump in the second year. Because that first year back, there’s a number of different thresholds you have to get over. So now Jordy in here working on the specifics of getting better, not only himself but working [with] the other quarterbacks, and we have receivers and concepts that we may have in and so forth. It’s not that rehab component of we have to get to the next spot and get to the next spot and get back.“I thnk that in itself is a big key for Jordy or any player in a second year coming off of a major injury.” Nelson’s hip surgery cost him the 2015 offseason.Grey Jordy Nelson Jerseys China.He returned for training camp that season but tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee during a preseason game that cost him the regular season and the 2016 offseason program.

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