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Authentic Justin Houston Jerseys.The Chiefs’ defensive line isn’t as bad off as people think. Sure, the team lost Dontari Poe, but Bennie Logan has actually been better against the run which is what KC’s defensive has needed. Plus Allen Bailey will return after missing most of last season.As far as the secondary goes, Davis says there’s a drop-off after Berry and Peters.Authentic NFL Jerseys. While I’d agree that’s the case with the cornerbacks, that’s not necessarily true for the safeties. Ron Parker is a great and underrated safety while Daniel Sorensen just received a long-term extension after an impressive 2016 season.Jerseys From China.The linebackers definitely have top five potential, but there are concerns with age and durability.

Wholesale Jerseys.Justin Houston’s return to the Kansas City Chiefs has not gone unnoticed. As he participated in the team’s mandatory minicamp, the level of competition clearly rose. His return should reinvigorate a pass rush that came up short in 2016.The player that should reap the benefits of Houston’s return as well as the continued progress of Dee Ford, is Chris Jones. Jones is in a position to have a breakout season. Jones, who was inconsistent, but productive in 2016, could see a large step forward in 2017. Wholesale Justin Houston Jerseys.With Houston bookended By Ford, defenses will be that much more susceptible to Jones’ pass rush. Jones has shown flashes of excellence in his rookie season and looks to follow it up with an expanded repertoire and a more consistent performance in 2017.Cheap Jerseys. With Bennie Logan and Allen Bailey, Jones will be able to remain fresh in the rotation and wreak havoc on passing downs.

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Houston’s story is he was just at the 7-Eleven to buy cigarettes and Swisher Sweets.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. He said he went back to the car he arrived in and “was taking apart the blunt” when he saw a fight break out. He told police he got out of the car then got back in when he heard the gunshot — though he never saw a gun or anyone shooting one. He also denied seeing anyone take Slyter’s wallet, according to documents.Detectives were able to confirm Houston was at the convenience store because of the ankle monitor he has to wear due to his current parole for attempting to sell drugs to an undercover officer. He was convicted of that crime in September 2013.Cheap Football Jerseys.Houston turned himself in after his mom told him he needed to following the surveillance photos circulating around social media.

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