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Kevin Durant still is basking in the glory of winning his first NBA championship, but troll extraordinaire Rihanna has yet to offer him congratulations.Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys.The Finals MVP disclosed he’s being frozen out by LeBron James’ biggest admirer.“She’s been a big LeBron fan for a long time,” Durant said Wednesday on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.”“Everywhere he went, she’s just a big fan. I don’t even really think she really watches basketball.”Rihanna, 29, sat courtside in Oakland for Game 1, heckling Durant, 28, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors throughout the four quarters. Despite the pop star’s best effort, the home team went on to thrash the Cavaliers, 113-91.LeBron and Co. could have used Rihanna’s support for the rest of the series. The Warriors captured the title in five games, their second championship in three years. The “Needed Me” singer expressed her displeasure on Instagram on Tuesday, with the help of Michael Jordan’s infamous crying mug.“That’s what basketball’s all about, attaching yourself to players,” Durant said.Kevin Durant Jerseys China.

Authentic White Kevin Durant Jerseys.Under a shower of confetti, Kevin Durant finished his 10th NBA season on Monday night. This means we now have a full decade’s worth to judge just how good he is in the larger, historical scope. Now that he’s finished the best defensive season of his career and a transcendent NBA Finals MVP-worthy performance against likely the best small forward of all time, should Durant already be considered the third-best player at his position in NBA history?To explore this question, I spoke with four former NBA players who have either played with or against Larry Bird and Julius Erving—M.L. Carr, Reggie Theus, Sidney Moncrief and Scott Weldman. Theus also coached against Durant when New Mexico State played Texas at the 2007 NCAA Tournament and as head coach of the Kings and an assistant coach for the Timberwolves. I also got insight from Bob Ryan, the legendary sportswriter who had a front row seat for Bird’s career and has covered the NBA since the 1960s.Before delving into breakdowns of how Durant stacks up against Bird and Erving, all of them offered caveats on the inherent difficulty of comparing players from different eras. For example, the modern game stresses three-point shooting far more than the game did in the ’70s and ’80s.Throwback NBA Jerseys.This is one reason Kevin Durant leads other top small forwards in terms of true shooting percentage, a metric gauging shooting efficiency that involves points scored from three pointers, field goals and free-throws.

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Once upon a time, Kevin Durant’s Twitter account was spectacular. He’d never hesitate to respond to a trash-talking fan or offer his opinion on the NBA or Kevin Durant’s life in general.NBA Jerseys Sales.Then, as such tends to happen, the internet ruined Durant’s Twitter persona and turned it into a platform to promote his many corporate endeavors.Well, on the same day as the Warriors’ NBA championship parade, circa 2010 Kevin Durant Twitter returned.Durant caused somewhat of a firestorm this week when he said that Kyrie Irving was better “skill-for-skill” than Allen Iverson. It was meant as praise for Irving more than a slight to Iverson, but we know how older basketball generations hate being told that they’re worse than anything from this current NBA era. On Thursday, Durant felt it was time to clarify his comments and he did so on Twitter.He even posed a question — a sign of great social engagement.Mens White Kevin Durant Jerseys.And engage Durant did. For the first time since January, Durant responded to users on Twitter. And frankly, it was surprising (and awesome). The return of old Durant Twitter was celebrated.


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