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Having sat out last football season, Kroy Biermann has been keeping busy with his family in Atlanta. The NFL pro may not have hit the field in uniform, but the Don’t Be Tardy dad has certainly found plenty of other ways to fill his time.Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.And Kim Zolciak-Biermann is enjoying having her husband around more.”I love it. I love him being home. He takes the kids to school in the morning and he’s a huge help with all of my business that I’ve started, and Kashmere [Collection] and bathing suits and shoes. He’s been a super big help with that. I can’t imagine not having him here the last year,” Kim recently told The Daily Dish. Definitely the kids listen to him better than they listen to me. I definitely enjoy him being home for sure. When he’s not home, the kids are like, ‘Hahaha, Mommy!’ I’m definitely not the disciplinarian.”Kroy made news last season as a free agent following a brief tenure with the Buffalo Bills after having spent his entire football career with the Atlanta Falcons. He told us last fall that he’d be totally fine with making fatherhood a full-time job, “I joke with Kim sometimes I should be a stay-at-home dad. I love it that much.”Mens Kroy Biermann Jerseys.

Back in September Kroy Biermann made headlines when he became a free agent again following his release from the Buffalo Bills. The career move came after he had previously spent the entirety of his NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons.Kroy Biermann Jerseys China.Now that he’s back on the free agent track, he’s exclusively revealed to The Daily Dish what his plans are.”It definitely played itself out in an interesting direction this year, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the time,” he said. “This year was the first year the boys started school, so it’s been exciting to be around that with them and take them to school and pick them up and see the excitement in their eyes and do their homework with them. Had I been somewhere ese, I would have missed out on a lot of that stuff.”Still, Kroy’s taking meetings with NFL teams and seeing where those conversations lead. “I met with some teams earlier on. Most recently a lot of it’s been through the phone, but I do want things to be on my terms per se. I could have done a lot of different things and been in a position [where] it wouldn’t have been something that would have been amazing to me. It would have worked, but it wouldn’t have been what I wanted and I’m far enough in my career where I’m not out there running my head into a wall per se.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.I want it to be a good ending, so we’ll see. It may end up this season. It may not, it may be next season. There’s no definitive answers to where this thing will end up, but it’s definitely been a fun journey.”

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To help what remains of the offseason pass a little faster, I’m going to start delivering little quizzes a couple of times a week to test your Falcons knowledge and hopefully teach us all a little something about this team’s history. We’re going to start with.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.If you’ve paid attention over the last couple of years, you know that the Falcons’ list of all-time leading sack artists gets sad in a big hurry. People hated Kroy Biermann when he was in Atlanta, yet he’s 12th all-time on the career list. Vic Beasley has played exactly two NFL seasons and is already 16th.Jerseys From China.This is not a Hall of Fame bunch, by and large, though Claude Humphrey, Tommy Nobis and others made their marks before the sack was an official stat.So here’s today’s question: How many players on the career franchise sack list can you name? I suspect most of you will get the top two in short order, but after that it gets difficult in a real hurry.I tried this myself blind and got seven of the names in the top ten, but not in the correct order. See if you can do better.Black Kroy Biermann Jerseys.Due to a lack of funds, the only prize here will be sweet, sweet recognition from your peers. No cheating.

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