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You may have never heard of Ladouceur though he has played for more than a decade on one of the world’s most famous teams.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.Chances are you wouldn’t recognize him without his helmet since the majority of his television appearances are closeups of his backside in the instant before he flicks a football between his legs. You have, undoubtedly, seen his work in the form of a decade’s worth of precise snaps whistling true to Dallas punters or flying toward the hands of holders on extra points and field goals. It is highly unlikely you took a moment to marvel at his reliability.Long snappers live to be ignored because if they are noticed, it usually means a calamity has occurred. A snap has been botched and the ball is flying over the punter’s head or rolling helplessly toward the holder on a field goal, throwing the game’s most anonymous player under the glare of the television lens.Mens L.P. Ladouceur Jerseys.Suddenly everybody knows the long snapper and there’s no place to hide. For Ladouceur, his perfection is silence.

When Dallas takes the field Sunday at San Francisco, it’ll be the 11th anniversary to the day of the NFL debut of one of the team’s most consistent players, even if the most die-hard fan may not be able to remember his name.L.P. LaDouceur is the guy responsible for the snap on every punt, field goal and extra point.White Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Sale.For the past decade, he’s dominated the position. A position he only landed thanks to the Boys cutting their previous long snapper midway through the ’05 season.“Obviously, it’s career changing for a kid from Canada,” said LaDouceur. “Didn’t have a career, I was trying to figure that all out, and made the team and obviously my rookie year was a struggle trying to find my place, trying to figure everything out, but 11 years later I guess, here I am. Worked out good didn’t it?”L.P. might be the best long snapper in the NFL. He made the Pro Bowl back in 2014, and he’s played in 176 straight games, second only to Jason Witten on this squad. In all that time, he’s been perfect — never having a bad snap.“The snapping is all muscle memory, and that’s why we keep doing it every day,” he said.Wholesale White L.P. Ladouceur Jerseys.“A lot of our job is staying in our routine.”Well, snap after snap after snap after snap, L.P. keeps proving why he’s lasted into his 12th season as a Cowboy.

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Louis-Philippe LaDouceur is the long snapper whose name you don’t know, or pronounce. FYI: It’s LAH-doo-sahr.Cheap Football Jerseys.It French, it means “the sweet.” In English it means, “He’s got it made.”He is the one member on the team who lives in Fort Worth.“Actually, I’m the only one who lives west of Fort Worth on this team,” he said. “It’s a long drive but it’s all highways.”LP actually lives in Aledo with his wife and their two children. He also is a member of Colonial Country Club and is known to join a foursome for a round every so often in the offseason. Word is he is a beast of a golfer.LP is the rarest of football breeds – he’s the specialist whose skills are so rare it can often out outlast a kicker or a punter. L.P. has been with the Cowboys since 2005 and has played in 179 consecutive games. He actually made the Pro Bowl in 2014.All of this from a guy who grew up in Canada and did not begin to play football until he was 14.“I grew up playing hockey,” LaDouceur said. “I never thought this was going to happen.”Kids L.P. Ladouceur Jerseys.

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