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This year’s NBA Finals was rather short-lived. The Warriors defeated the Cavs in five games, rather than losing in seven like they did last year.Cheap Basketball Jerseys.Facts are facts, but LeBron James took Green’s shirt in a completely different direction on Instagram.Awkward.But this wasn’t the first T-shirt to stir up gossip in the NBA realm. Around this same time last year, when the teams’ roles were reversed, James was also guilty of wearing something that took a shot at the opponent.“I can’t forget the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ shirt last year from LeBron, and you know the 3-1 tombstone cookies and all of that,” Green said. “I was waiting on this moment.”LeBron James sure isn’t watching the Warriors’ victory parade. Instead he’s back in the gym getting ready for next season.LeBron showed off a new look on Thursday, hitting the gym with a newly-shaved head and the caption “Bald head nut!!” In the moments following Game 5 of the NBA Finals LeBron said he was going to take some time away from basketball — but that didn’t mean staying out of the gym.LeBron is going to be ready to go — and he looks like he wants to play again right now.Elite LeBron James Jerseys.At least that might stop him dancing, which would be a plus.

George, whose name was linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers towards the end of the NBA Finals, was being portrayed as the final piece of the puzzle for what looked to be an overwhelmed Cavs team.Mens Red LeBron James Jerseys.Because it’s been reported that he’s “hell-bent” on joining the Los Angeles Lakers, and comments from George following their first-round exit in which he admitted frustration with continuously losing to James in the playoffs, the idea that George will leave the Pacers isn’t far-fetched.The idea that George would team up with James because he couldn’t beat him in the playoffs thus far is.George, with his length, athleticism, scoring ability, perimeter shooting and passing, would have been a perfect complement for James on the court. However, while the Cleveland Cavaliers could still try to put together a trade package for George headlined by Kevin Love, without a long-term commitment from him a trade for George could backfire.With that, George’s comment’s likely put an end to speculation that George will be a Cav. James has a prominent voice within the Cavs organization and free agents join their team because they get to play with James.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.By shrugging off a meeting with James, George certainly isn’t acting like a player who’d want to join the Cavs.

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After the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday to win the championship, Rihanna took to Instagram to show her continued support for LeBron James.LeBron James Jerseys China.In the initial Lion King post, Rihanna also congratulated NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant on winning a title and referenced the fact that they’re both represented by Jay Z’s Roc Nation.Rihanna and Durant made headlines for reportedly interacting with each other during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.Rihanna apparently yelled “brick” during a Durant free-throw attempt, and KD later stared her down after hitting a three-pointer, per USA Today.After winning the championship Monday, Durant had the following to say to Rihanna, according to Josh Peter of USA Today: “Love you, girl, but I got to do it. Gots to do it! You understand me?”Despite losing in five games, LeBron made NBA Finals history by becoming the first player to ever average a triple-double in the Finals with 33.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 10.0 assists per contest.Durant was dominant in his own right, however, and took home MVP honors with 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game.NBA Jerseys Sales.

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