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Youth Football Jerseys.If outside linebacker Leonard Floyd’s life doesn’t depend on his new tackling technique, his quality of life most certainly does.After suffering two concussions in five weeks last season after running the crown of his helmet into his own teammate, Floyd spent the offseason trying to keep his head up when he tackles. He lined up across from a blocking sled, fired off the ball and made sure he kept his face looking forward. Off the field.Wholesale Leonard Floyd Jerseys. he envisioned keeping his head up, repeating it over and over in his mind.On Saturday, in the Bears’ first full-pads practice of training camp, Floyd will get his first — and best — chance to test his technique.Custom Jerseys. He won’t tackle anyone to the ground — nor will anyone else — but will try to keep looking forward when giving the ballcarrier a “thud.”

Jerseys For Sale.As Leonard Floyd lay strapped to a backboard at MetLife Stadium last November, headed for an ambulance with the face mask cut from his helmet, the Bears’ injury problems devolved from cruel joke to something more serious.In an instant, Floyd’s poor tackling technique had produced a stomach-turning scene familiar to the NFL. Authentic Leonard Floyd Jerseys.A player down, unable to move, and medical officials scurrying to follow precautions for a head and neck injury.Floyd had erred in one of the most elementary tackling fundamentals: Keep your head up. See what you hit. Don’t lead with the crown of the helmet.And then, five weeks later, it happened again. Another head-down tackle. Another concussion. Another scare.How was it possible that the ninth overall draft pick had not mastered Tackling 101?For Floyd’s personal well-being, not to mention the Bears’ fortunes going forward, answering that question has been a top priority in 2017. Cheap China Jerseys.And with the Bears scheduled Wednesday to practice in pads for the third time in training camp, Floyd and others close to him are confident he is equipped to tackle properly and protect himself.

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Leonard Floyd’s weight is a storyline that has followed him since before he was drafted and will continue to be monitored throughout his career with the Chicago Bears.Cheap Sports Jerseys.This offseason, the young outside linebacker seems to have taken his biggest step forward, in terms of his body. The Bears are listing him at 251 pounds on the official roster, and he told the Chicago Tribune that he put on 15 pounds this offseason in an effort to continue to add bulk.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.The key for Floyd is to make sure it’s good weight, meaning lean muscle that is going to add strength more than it’s going to slow him down. By all early accounts from training camp, it appears he’s done a good job keeping his body lean.

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