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Bill Belichick’s famous “We’re on to Cincinnati” press conference has taken on a life of its own ever since the Patriots throttled the Cincinnati Bengals later that week and rode their momentum to a Super Bowl championship in the 2014 season. Nowadays, “We’re on to [insert word or phrase]” is practically synonymous with putting recent failures in the rearview mirror and focusing on the present.Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.The latest prominent sports figure to borrow Belichick’s phrase? Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.Ryan was asked during Falcons OTAs on Thursday about the Falcons’ stunning collapse in the second half and overtime of Super Bowl LI, and said in no uncertain terms that they have moved on from their historic defeat at the hands of the Patriots.“We’re on to 2017,” said Ryan, via the Falcons’ official website. “You know, you learn from it, like we did. You deal with it, like we did. And then you move forward and you start preparing to try and be the best football team that this group can be. And that’s where we’re at.”Ryan’s comments echo those of Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, who said last week that the Falcons were “strengthened” by the Super Bowl loss and are supremely focused on the 2017 season.Elite Matt Ryan Jerseys.But Falcons head coach Dan Quinn – who, as a reminder, was also the Seahawks’ defensive coordinator in Super Bowl XLIX – hasn’t sounded so focused, saying in March that he’ll never get over the Super Bowl loss and refusing to admit the Falcons’ play-calling mistakes at the end of the game.

Before the 2008 season they were the outliers, but with the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons turning out identical 11-5 records that year, Flacco and Ryan shattered the idea that even highly-drafted quarterbacks should sit for a while before taking over as starters.Authentic Matt Ryan Jerseys.Even as Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch sat for most of their rookie seasons, Carson Wentz offers a more typical model of the current NFL quarterback. Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott leading their teams to the playoffs in rookie seasons only cements the thought that franchise quarterbacks should play immediately.Flacco and Ryan each won nine games as starters in year two, and led their respective franchises to double-digit wins and playoff appearances in 2010, 2011, and 2012. However, their careers split markedly from there.In 2012, Flacco led the Ravens on a surprise run to the Super Bowl while Ryan’s Falcons dropped off before his MVP season in 2016.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Despite Flacco’s Super Bowl XLVII victory in the winter of 2013, most would look at Ryan as the quarterback who has pushed himself into the conversation with the elite passers in the league. The narrative around Flacco is that he failed to live up to the contract he signed after that splendid postseason. Yet when comparing Flacco’s last three years against the three years leading into Ryan’s MVP campaign, Flacco has just as good a chance of making a late-career leap as Ryan did this time last year.

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Matt Ryan has been known as “Matty Ice” for so long that tracing the exact origin of his now-famous nickname is like trying to play a futile game of Memory.Those who know the Atlanta Falcons quarterback best say the nickname took hold in 2000, during his sophomore season at Penn Charter School in Philadelphia.Wholesale Jerseys.Let’s start with Ryan’s own description from Monday’s Super Bowl media session: “It just started amongst friends,” he said, “and it’s hung around a long time. It just stuck. It’s a good nickname.”Okay, that’s a start. But then the reasons for the nickname diverge.”He was always a cool customer,” high school teammate Tony McDevitt said recently, as Ryan prepared to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. “He exuded confidence in the huddle, even though he was younger and he didn’t have a lot of experience. People started saying he had ice in his veins, and Matty Ice just sort of stuck.””Upperclassmen on the team started calling him that,” said another teammate, Rob Hitschler. “I was actually talking about this with Tony. We think it was Billy McKinney.””I can’t tell you that there was a moment where the light bulb goes off and now we’re going to call him Matty Ice,” McKinney said.Womens Matt Ryan Jerseys.My recollection of when I started calling him Matty Ice.He came in as this 6-foot-4, lanky, just-hit-puberty sophomore, and off the field he’s goofy and aw-shucks and it was our first scrimmage. I was a receiver, and I was a diva. Any time the ball didn’t get thrown to me, I would freak about it.

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