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Wholesale Mitchell Trubisky Jerseys.In the Bears’ first padded practice of the summer Trubisky botched three snaps during one drill.”Yeah, it was frustrating because that was uncharacteristic of me, and I’ve just got to handle that,” Trubisky told reporters afterwards.Cheap China Jerseys. “They were just wasted plays, and I was kind of frustrated because I kind of wasted a team session right there, and I didn’t allow myself or my teammates to get better. You’ve just got to block that out, bounce back. The other quarterbacks and the coach said something to me that allowed me to get back in rhythm and play football. Wholesale Jerseys.It’s the most critical part of the play. I’ve just got to take care of that and get better on my part.”

Cheap NFL Jerseys.“I gotta be honest, the reactions here are pretty mixed,” said Whalen, who threw for 9,720 yards and 87 touchdowns during his career at Case. “A lot Bears fans are shaking their heads. I’ve been telling them, ‘Give him a chance.’ ”That’s because Whalen thinks Trubisky can be pretty good as an NFL quarterback. Whalen gave the NFL a shot after he graduated from Case as a first-team Division III All-American but couldn’t find an interested team.Since then, he’s made it a bit of a hobby analyzing incoming college QBs each year during the NFL draft.Two QBs he’s liked over the years before they were drafted were the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson and the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott.Youth Football Jerseys. Talk about spot-on analysis.Whalen liked Wilson and Prescott because of intangibles. Both showed smarts on the field that made up for deficiencies in other areas.As for his take on Trubisky, Whalen said: “He’s smart, and I sense he’s not a guy who gets emotional during a game. Those are two things that are huge for a QB, even before all the physical stuff.

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The job of NFL quarterback can be an overwhelming one, particularly for a rookie unaccustomed to all the responsibilities that come along with it.Jerseys For Sale.”I think I just lost focus there for a period of time, and then I was starting to overthink it and then couldn’t get it,” Trubisky continued. “It’s all about bouncing back and continuing to get better throughout practice. I messed that up, but I also improved in other areas throughout practice.Authentic Mitchell Trubisky Jerseys.”The good news is that Trubisky regained his focus and looked very much like the first-round pick the Bears envisioned when they drafted him.Developmental issues and growing pains are things to expect with Trubisky, and they’re alright to see, especially in his first training camp.It would almost be miraculous should Trubisky not experience any growing pains. After all.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.most don’t expect Trubisky to even see significant playing time this season, let alone start a game.

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