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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan earned his MVP award in 2016. He played his butt off, fearlessly carrying the Falcons into the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl. He’s truly incredible. And without knocking Ryan’s raw ability or outstanding leadership, it’s fair to highlight his excellent supporting cast.The Falcons have plenty of stars that dominate the headlines.Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.But then there are unsung heroes like Mohamed Sanu. Pro Football Focus just did a piece about drop rate since 2015. They ranked the top five lowest drop rates, but they also gave a couple players “honorable mention.” Sanu earned the latter designation.Sanu has played his role perfectly since joining the Falcons last offseason. He and Julio Jones are widely regarded as the NFL’s best WR tandem. He’s also a good guy, earning praise from random strangers and hosting a football camp for kids.If you’ve ever wanted your kid to meet Mohamed Sanu and maybe learn a thing or two from the Falcons’ receiver, now’s your chance. We’re giving away four tickets to his ProCamp in Georgia.We’ll make this one pretty easy and specify that you only need to leave a comment here in order to enter yourself in a random drawing for the tickets.Mohamed Sanu Jerseys China.Every kid who goes to the camp will get an autographed souvenir from Sanu (the item being autographed will be provided), a team camp photo with Sanu, and a Sanu camp t-shirt. If that sounds up your alley, go ahead and enter.

If Sanu is as single-minded and nimble Sunday as he has been throughout the week-long build-up, he’s going to light up the Patriots like a Texas bonfire.He was met this week by the news of Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban involving seven predominantly Muslim countries.Red Mohamed Sanu Jerseys Sale.It was inevitable that the media would beat a path to the door of the fellow named Mohamed — who indeed is the one Muslim playing in the Super Bowl — to seek his opinion.Sanu’s back story is an immigrant’s one. His mother left the west African country of Sierra Leone in the mid-1970s. Born in New Jersey, Sanu was 3 when he returned with his mother to her homeland. He spent the next three years in Africa before coming back to the United States. While in middle school, he moved in with his older sister while his mother, Aminata Koroma, attempted to resettle back in her unsettled nation.Sierra Leone is not on the banned list, and Koroma, who has shuttled regularly between her life in Africa and the U.S., is expected to witness this Super Bowl up-close.“It’s pretty awesome,” Sanu said.Custom Jerseys.“I know she wouldn’t want to miss that for the world. She has always wanted to see me play in this game. Ever since I was a kid she’s seen me play. When we got into this game, she said she’d be on the first thing smokin’, coming back.”

Authentic Red Mohamed Sanu Jerseys

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The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver has no problem trash talking anyone. Just watch one of those clips of him “Mic’d Up” during a game, like last week’s divisional matchup with Seattle when he had plenty to say to Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane.Throwback Jerseys.”I told him he can’t guard me,” Sanu shouted to the camera after hauling in a 3-yard touchdown reception over Lane.Falcons free safety Ricardo Allen has heard it all before — every single day in practice.”Man, that’s all he does is talk,” Allen said with a laugh. “You know, he’s the ‘best’ at everything he does. I guess it’s not arrogance, but it’s a high level of confidence. We love it because he brings juice to everybody else.”It’s never a surprise because he’ll talk crap to anyone. You can put a DB, linebacker, or D-lineman against him, it doesn’t matter. The thing he says is, ‘You can’t guard me,’ with a little expletive thrown in there.’’Talking smack to “anyone” includes wide receivers coach Raheem Morris. Attend a practice and you’ll get the uncensored version of Sanu and Morris giving each other the business.”Mohamed is, without a doubt, loose,” Morris said. “He’s almost loose sometimes where you have to reel him back in.White Mohamed Sanu Jerseys.But his attitude is awesome because he’s got authentic swagger. He’s got authentic, genuine love for football and cares about the game. His toughness is real. He brings that to the room. He brings a happy, delightful mood every day.

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