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Cheap Authentic Jerseys.As more revelations and allegations pile up about the New England Patriots, they find themselves compared to the Oakland Raiders of the 1970s and 1980s. Heck, that was even the headline on a USA Today column: Pats Are New Raiders.Oh, the Patriots win often and anger many people and are accused of, well, untoward behavior and outright cheating. But they’re not the Raiders of lore. Other than tight end Rob Gronkowski, how many recent Patriots can anybody name who plays with joy? The 21st century Patriots are a colorless corporate behemoth, crushing the competition in a joyless march through games and seasons. Coach Bill Belichick epitomizes that obsessive-compulsive need to win with curt responses to questions and a secretive nature verging on paranoia.Oh, those Raiders of long ago were something unique, something different, a combination of rogues and scalawags and scoundrels the likes of which were seldom in one place at one time. Football fans of a certain age can remember them and their nicknames. There was The Snake, quarterback Kenny Stabler, who seemed to revel in the team’s outlaw image.Otis Sistrunk NFL Jerseys.

Wholesale NFL Jerseys.With millions watching the Super Bowl around the world, one watch party in Columbus had a touch of star-studded flair. Former Oakland Raiders lineman Otis Sistrunk hosted Super Sunday with former Cleveland Browns star Oliver Davis and former San Francisco 49er’s standout James “Monk” Johnson.12 former NFL players gathered at the Occasions Event Center for the special watch party, that honored three local players: Herman Lee, Ernie Green, and Frank Brown.Lee played offensive tackle and went to South Girard High School in Phenix City. He was later drafted from Florida A&M University to the Chicago Bears in 1954.Oakland Raiders Jerseys.However, after a stint in the military, Lee returned to the NFL. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1957 and then the Bears from 1958-1966. He won a championship in 1963. Lee passed away in 1991, but his daughter, Kamala, accepted the award on his behalf.12 former NFL players gathered at the Occasions Event Center for a special Super Bowl watch party.Otis Sistrunk Jerseys Sale.Ernie Green played for the Packers and Brown from 1962-1968. He attended Spencer High School and followed his dream to play football at the University of Louisville. A two-time pro bowler, Green also won a championship in the 60’s.

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Otis Sistrunk Black NFL Jerseys

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Wholesale Jerseys.It was a cold December night in 1974 when the great Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Otis Sistrunk went to the sideline, took off his helmet and a Monday Night Football camera caught the steam.It was quite a scene, and TV analyst Alex Karras put it this way:”And of course that’s Otis Sistrunk out of the University of Mars.”It became a part of NFL legend, and it stemmed from Sistrunk having been, at the time, the only NFL player to not have attended a college. He instead had joined the U.S. Marines out of high school and his program bio cut it short to “U.S. Mars.”Readers may remember Sistrunk, but Johnny Maxey doesn’t, even though he attended Mars Hill University, a school that certainly draws its share of double takes.”Yeah,” Maxey said last week from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie minicamp. “Nobody really knows where Mars Hill is.Wholesale Otis Sistrunk NFL Jerseys.But we’ve got another player at Indianapolis playing offensive tackle (Denzelle Good). We’re trying to do our part to put our players out there and help the program be more successful.”

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