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With the NFL’s new extra point rules, kickers have become more important than ever, and the Colts have a great one in Adam Vinatieri. Authentic Pat McAfee Jerseys.The Colts also had one of the league’s best punters in Pat McAfee before he retired after last season at the age of 30.This left Indianapolis in a tough spot at the punter position. Cheap NFL Jerseys.They signed former Vikings punter Jeff Locke this offseason, but he had the league’s second-worst yards per punt average last season.I think Sanchez might have the edge over Locke in this position battle because he can also provide value as Indianapolis’ backup kicker.Jerseys From China.McAfee’s loss is a big one for the Colts’ special teams unit, but they still have an outstanding kicker and may find a solid punter for the future in Sanchez.

Wholesale Jerseys.As we got to know each other, Jeff mentioned that he was new to town. A friend of his then said his last name is Locke, and I put two and two together.Two things are always true of professional athletes at skill positions — they will dominate games that reward great hand-eye coordination, and they are insanely competitive. Cheap Pat McAfee Jerseys.Locke proved that rule as he won every time we played.He’s also a very nice guy, but Colts fans are a whole lot more interested in Locke’s right leg than his congeniality — or ability to repeatedly humiliate a guy on race morning waiting for the start of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.McAfee retired unexpectedly after last season at age 29, so one of the surest things on the roster needed to be replaced.Authentic NFL Jerseys. Locke agreed to sign as a free agent with the Colts after playing four very solid seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

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The off-the-field differences between McAfee and Locke are pretty obvious.There’s one major on-the-field difference that fans will notice right away out of the Colts’ first new punter since 2008.It will be a lefty banging punts and kickoffs in 2017.Youth Football Jerseys.Having a left-footed punter is unique in the NFL and something returners occasionally struggle with from what they normally see week-to-week. “Returners definitely have trouble with it,” Locke says of return men handling left-footed punts. “When it gets to that peak, it’s going to fade the opposite way. Sometimes my ball has a slight wobble to it, that makes it move a little bit at the top.”To prepare for left-footed punters, teams often bring in that punter during a game week to try and replicate what will come on Sunday.Cheap Authentic Jerseys. “Definitely most teams will break in a lefty that week when they play us or they are going to spin the jugs (machine) the other way to try and get used to it,” Locke says.

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