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The offensive line did a much better job protecting Sam Bradford. The running game was a little better. Elite Fran Tarkenton Jerseys.The defense played well — maybe not quite up to the level of the first few games, but still very well.Put it all together, and you have to think there’s no way the Vikings lose that game.But they did.Speaking of kickers.Custom Jerseys.Really, the Vikings biggest problem, once again, was their own kicker, Blair Walsh. He’s a good guy, and has had some good years for the Vikings. But right now, he has the yips. When a golfer gets the yips, he can’t putt. When a kicker gets the yips, they start missing kicks that 99 percent of kickers make. Wholesale NFL Jerseys.His problems seem to show up in pressure situations. On Sunday, he missed another extra point and had a field-goal attempt blocked.

Cheap Football Jerseys.Since Nov. 1 when Zimmer underwent surgery for a detached retina in his right eye, he has had an additional seven procedures in an effort to restore proper eyesight.In a recent interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm for SportsCenter, Zimmer was asked if at any time during the process he had considered the possibility of going blind in that eye. The head coach said that he had taken into account that scenario but that it hadn’t been his biggest concern.“It was more important to me to take care of the team than it was about my eyesight in my right eye,” Zimmer told Storm, who expressed wonder at his response.“That’s the rest of your life,” Storm said.“Yeah, well, this is the rest of my [life]; they’re the rest of my life, too, the players,” Zimmer said.Authentic Fran Tarkenton Jerseys. “The fans, the organization – I mean, I just feel like I have a lot of responsibility to an awful lot of people, and if I can help them in any way possible, than I’m going to do it.”Zimmer said he’s understands the long-term effects he’ll experience if the eye doesn’t fully recover.Wholesale Jerseys. He also added, however, that he will still have “one good eye and am going to be OK.

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Last week, the Vikings went toe-to-toe with the Cowboys, a team that pretty much everyone thinks is the best, most balanced team in the league today. Jerseys For Sale.Not only did the Vikings come within a two-point conversion attempt of taking the game to overtime, they were in position to win outright before a fumbled punt return on the 8-yard line. They should have won that game.What’s done is done, but the fact of the matter is they are still alive in this race.With all the problems the Vikings have had, they have as good a defense as anybody in football. Authentic NFL Jerseys.They have some good weapons on offense. Sam Bradford has held up admirably amid all the problems with the offensive line, taking every hit and getting right back up. And above all, the team continues to play hard in every single game, through every injury and every bad break.

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