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Wholesale Randall Cobb Jerseys.The value of Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb – which has come under attack after back-to-back down seasons – derives from a consistency of efficiency.According to Pro Football Focus, Packers quarterbacks have never finished a season with a passer rating under 99.9 when targeting Cobb. Obviously, Cobb is a highly efficient receiver in large part because he catches passes from the most efficient quarterback in the game’s history. Aaron Rodgers holds the NFL record for career passer rating, which makes Cobb less the reason and more the result for the passer rating numbers over his six-year NFL career.But his numbers are hard to ignore, especially when compared with his peers at the receiver position.Since 2011, only four receivers have a higher catch percentage than Cobb’s 70.1. The three receivers ahead of him – Cole Beasley, Jamison Crowder and Jarvis Landry – all average fewer yards per catch and have a lower touchdown percentage.In general, Cobb catches most of his targets.Elite Green Bay Packers Jerseys.He also makes the most out of his receptions.

The Green Bay Packers wide receivers group has been in a continual state of turn over. Ted Thompson, the general manager, has consistently sought to keep the coffers full.Mens White Randall Cobb Jerseys.Given that the team had two consecutive strong quarterbacks and a coach who came up coaching the position, this was necessary. With Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and James Jones on the roster in 2008, Thompson drafted Jordy Nelson. Just three years later, Randall Cobb joined the same crowded receiving corps.This is the way of Thompson’s Packers. Receivers are grabbed before they are needed so that they might be ready for their day. Last year the Packers added Trevor Davis and Geronimo Allison. This year, DeAngelo Yancey and Malachi Dupre are the new faces. We can expect that there is a plan for some of these four to replace those who came before.Trevor Davis joined the Packers as a fifth round pick. Geronimo Allison faced the far more humble route of signing as an undrafted free agent.  Davis came from Cal and showed the flash that made Packers fans excited.Jerseys For Sale.Packers fans became convinced the problem was the receivers were not fast enough. Davis was fast and interesting.

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Cheap Jerseys From China.It’s been almost exactly one year since Randall Cobb was forced to watch the Packers’ NFC Divisional playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals from a hospital bed.Cobb, who had suffered a punctured lung in the first quarter of the game, was transferred from the University of Phoenix Stadium for observation. Meanwhile, the Packers were down to their last three healthy receivers and all he could do was cheer from afar.There was a chance a similar scenario could have played out during Sunday’s NFC Wild Card playoff game against the New York Giants. Earlier that morning, the veteran receiver didn’t know whether he’d get the green light to return from the ankle injury that had sidelined him for the last two games.“I still today didn’t know whether they were going to activate me or not,” Cobb said. “I was hoping so but I thought I was going to be activated last week and I wasn’t.”Randall Cobb Jerseys China.

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