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Wagner had a team-record 167 tackles last season. He also had 4.5 sacks, the second most in his career, and grabbed his first interception in three years.“I like to be consistent so I like to challenge myself with consistency,” Wagner said.Elite Ray Lewis Jerseys.“Anybody can do it once. Can you do it again? I feel like I had a lot of good plays last year, but I feel like there’s a lot that I left out there, too. And I feel like I’m still getting better and there’s still room to grow. My goal is to really be a dominant player in this league and have nobody question that. That’s what I strive for. I strive for being great.“I watched the guys before me like Ray Lewis and Derrick Brooks and Brian Urlacher and all those guys. When all is said and done, I want to be in that area and be in that realm. That’s what I strive for: I strive for being those guys.”Wagner is one of the prominent and most disruptive members of the Seahawks’ defense and should be in his prime. His speed has always been his most prized attribute because it allows him to cover so much ground. But each year Wagner has become a better, surer tackler.Cheap Football Jerseys.Last season, the Seahawks turned him loose on blitzes, and he often forced quarterbacks to get rid of the ball early.

The Baltimore Ravens went five straight games without scoring a touchdown in the 2000 NFL season. Trent Dilfer then replaced Tony Banks as the starting quarterback.Throwback Jerseys.The purple and black went on to win 11 straight games, with the final stop being a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. Dilfer wasn’t the reason the Ravens won it all. The team was led by Ray Lewis and the defense. The 2000 Ravens defense is considered by many (myself included) to be the best defense of all time. Number 52 led the way, and in doing so he built the foundation for the Ravens way.Dilfer’s role in Baltimore football’s history was a short one. He took over in the midst of the 2000 touchdown drought and stabilized the team. The offense never got flashy. It wasn’t like the offense became a well oiled machine that propelled Baltimore to victory. What Dilfer did, was he took a sinking ship and he steered it all the way to glory. The defense did the heavy lifting. Dilfer’s job was to not waste a historically good defense.Kids Purple Ray Lewis Jerseys China.Dilfer was a class act and a leader. One of the reasons the 2000 team was so successful was because there was a great chemistry. The team had a will to win, the team had heart and toughness. Dilfer was a big part of that.

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Brendon Ayanbadejo, former pro bowl linebacker and special teams ace of the Baltimore Ravens, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the magical 2012 Super Bowl run for the Ravens as part of our Wayback Wednesday.Elite Ray Lewis Jerseys.Brendon started by talking about the team’s run to the Super Bowl in 2012 and what made it so special saying, “we just never gave up and we never stopped fighting, part of the way through that season Ray Lewis went down with a torn triceps and we had a plan lets just get through this and get to the playoffs will all come back healthy for the playoffs and go on a run and that’s exactly what we did.”When asked for one word to describe that particular Ravens team Brendon said, “I would say galvanized, that team was so together and that’s really what it takes. Through the hard times, it’s easy to start pointing fingers and passing the buck and blaming people…we knew that our journey was going to take us to the promise land and get us to a championship so we stayed galvanized.”Brendon also talked about how close he was to quitting football when he was cut a few times early in his NFL career, and how proud he is of his Pro Bowl appearances.Authentic Baltimore Ravens Jerseys.

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