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Wholesale Richard Rodgers Jerseys.First, there’s the Packers backfield. Rodgers has had some talented running backs helping him carry the offense in the past. I’m not saying Ty Montgomery is the most talented, but he is the most versatile.Being a wide receiver up until midseason last year, Montgomery is an incredibly skilled pass catcher. He also showed the ability to pick up big yards on the ground. With the constant threat of Rodgers dumping it off to Montgomery for a big gain, a lot will open up in the Packers’ offense. Rodgers will more-than-likely get more receiving yards from his running backs than usual, and the constant need for someone spying on Montgomery will open up his receivers.Speaking of his receivers, they’re the other reason for Rodgers potential success. While he’s always had decent pass catchers, 2017 looks a little stronger than usual.Jordy Nelson is back to full strength, while Davante Adams enjoyed a breakout season in 2016.Cheap Jerseys.Randall Cobb struggled last year, but is an incredible strong number three.Then there’s the tight ends, who’ve improved significantly as well. Richard Rodgers is back, and joined by safety valve extraordinaire Lance Kendricks and bona fide superstar Martellus Bennett. Bennett brings a dynamic to the tight ends that Rodgers hasn’t seen in years.

Elite Green Bay Packers Jerseys.Ten months after former Packers tight end Brandon Bostick became a household name for deviating from his assignment on an infamous onside kick, current Green Bay tight end Richard Rodgers is poised to become a household name for deviating from his own assignment on Thursday’s “Hail Mary” touchdown.”I’m supposed to be boxing out and Davante (Adams) is supposed to be the jumper,” Rodgers admitted after the game. “But once I saw it in the air I realized I could get it. So I just went for it.”A former basketball player, Rodgers decided to adjust his assignment as soon as the 61-yard pass left Aaron Rodgers’ hands.”We were practicing it a little bit before the game,” the second-year tight end explained. “He was throwing them really high in the air, so when I saw it in the air I knew I had a chance to catch it.”Although Rodgers conceded that the magnitude of the catch “hasn’t really settled in yet,” it’s a good bet that he and his father will soon be comparing notes on folklore football plays.White Richard Rodgers Jerseys China.Richard Rodgers Sr., assistant defensive backs coach with the undefeated Carolina Panthers, was involved in the epic 1982 Cal win over Stanford in which Cal’s kickoff returner skated through the Stanford band for the game-winning touchdown as time expired.

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Jerseys From China.The Green Bay Packers have surprised a few folks around the NFL this offseason by diving into free agency quite a bit more than normal. A team that traditionally eschews free agents for the sake of allowing their own draft-and-develop process to replace the departed, the Packers clearly came into the offseason with a plan of attack for the tight end position. Despite the presence of their own former third round choice Richard Rodgers, the Packers signed two tight ends: former Rams TE Lance Kendricks and former Patriots TE Martellus Bennett.The imports of Bennett and Kendricks bring with them 161 total targets from last season, so the idea that there’s any room for a third is ridiculous. Rodgers is clearly on the outs, and the Packers would be wise to get something in return. Enter the Chiefs, who have a plethora of draft picks and a serious lack of proven talent beyond All-Pro Travis Kelce.Mens Richard Rodgers Jerseys.Given how quickly Alex Smith gets rid of the football, a nice two-TE set could work wonders for Andy Reid. Unfortunately the Chiefs lack that second tight end.

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