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Authentic Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.Robert Newhouse was that guy. And those are just three examples of his everyman decency and humbleness. There are countless more, and with each passing hour since he left this world on July 22 at 64 years young due to heart disease, similar stories have emerged. All with that common thread, too.“Know how people die and everyone says nice things about them?” Ring of Honor wide receiver Drew Pearson said. “This isn’t one of those deals. Every single word you hear about Robert Newhouse is true. There is no fluff and no bull. I promise you that as much as any words I have ever spoken. Everyone in this world liked “House.” I’m not sure there’s another person I could say that about.“He crossed over with everyone, too. Black, white, the superstars, the rookie trying to make the team, the kicker, the punter, the fans, the kids, the equipment manager. He was the perfect teammate.”After pausing for a few seconds, his voice trailing off, Pearson added, “He was the perfect friend.”Wholesale Robert Newhouse Jerseys.

The excitement of the opening of Dallas Cowboys training camp and the anticipation for the coming season was put on hold last week as Cowboys past and present, as well as fans, took time out to remember one of the best loved players of Tom Landry‘s golden era.Former Cowboys fullback Robert Newhouse passed away July 22 at the age of 64.Cheap Jerseys.Those fans who are old enough to remember the Landry years are no-doubt familiar with Newhouse, who was known for his exceptional leg strength and even called a “human bowling ball” in an endearing way because he was so low to the ground that would-be tacklers found it nearly impossible to bring him down. Ironically, his most famous play turned out to be his touchdown pass to wide receiver Golden Richards in Super Bowl XII to put the Denver Broncos on ice and give Landry his last NFL championship.When Newhouse wore the silver and blue, the Twitterverse had yet to be imagined and there was no constant barage of news from the Internet and ESPN. Somehow, fans still felt an affinity for their favorite players without knowing where they had dinner the night before the game or what they did during the off season.Mens White Robert Newhouse Jerseys.There were only brief glimpses into players’ personal lives that came with segments on Sunday afternoon pregame shows and post game interviews. Comparing that time with the present, though, the bond between players and fans was forged stronger than it is today.

Authentic Navy Blue Robert Newhouse Jerseys

Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys From China.Former Dallas Cowboys fullback and University of Dallas MBA alumnus Robert Newhouse is the first inductee into the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business Hall of Fame. Newhouse was selected based on his successful football and business career, commitment to academics and work-life balance. His wife Nancy and children, Rodd, Reggie, Dawnyel and Shawntel, accepted the award on behalf of Newhouse, who passed away in July of 2014.“We selected Mr. Newhouse as our first Hall of Fame inductee both for his outstanding career and his exceptional ability to multi-task—playing in the Super Bowl on weekends and then reporting for MBA classes during the week, all while raising a family,” Dean Robert Scherer said in a news release.Newhouse played for the Cowboys from 1972 to 1983. He graduated with an MBA in 1984 from what was known then as the Graduate School of Management.White Robert Newhouse Jerseys China.After retiring from professional football, he served the Dallas Cowboys organization in various administrative capacities including ticket sales, alumni relations and as a player programs director until 2008. Newhouse also served as a U.S. bankruptcy trustee for 26 years.

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