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Roger Staubach, one of the greatest football players in the history of the United States service academies, attended last week’s Army-Navy game, so he didn’t hear President-elect Donald Trump’s criticism on television of the quality of play, but he strongly defended the Midshipmen and Black Knights.Authentic Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.Now, even though Trump owned the New Jersey Generals, is a pal of Tom Brady and has often sat in the suite of Patriots owner Robert Kraft at Gillette Stadium, it’s safe to say, borrowing a line from Bill Parcells, he doesn’t know if a football is blown up or stuffed.“I don’t want to comment on any political stuff,” Staubach told the Daily News, a man also known as Captain America and who just may be the last great American football hero. “But, service football is extremely respectable and very competitive. They’ve won some big games. They are not in the top 10 this year or anything, but it’s still good football. I really enjoy watching service football.”Mens White Roger Staubach Jerseys.

All these years later, Roger Staubach remembers quite clearly what his initial reaction was when Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry approached him about making the shotgun formation a recurring feature of their offense.Wholesale White Roger Staubach Jerseys.“I thought he was crazy or something,” the former quarterback said with a snicker during a telephone interview this week. “I mean, we’re talking about 1975. Nobody used the shotgun.”The Pro Football Hall of Fame – which counts both Staubach and Landry among its members – says San Francisco 49ers coach Red Hickey introduced a form of the shotgun offense to the sport in 1960, before abandoning it during the following season. But Landry’s Cowboys get credit for bringing it back and popularizing it by positioning Staubach 5 yards behind the center.That set the stage for what today is the most popular way for NFL offenses to line up: 60 percent of plays this season began in the shotgun , up from 19 percent in 2006, according to data provided by TruMedia Networks.Cheap China Jerseys.According to Staubach, Landry (who passed away in 2000) figured he needed to try something to jump-start the Cowboys, who were coming off an 8-6 record, a third-place finish in the NFC East and had missed the playoffs for the first time in nine years.

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Cheap Jerseys From China.Staubach said Tony Romo remains the best quarterback for the Cowboys when Romo returns to health.“Tony’s right there among the best in the NFL,” Staubach told the Star-Telegram. “If he’s healthy, he’ll be back playing. I think everybody realizes that. But I think Dak [Prescott] is going to keep them very competitive in the division until Tony gets back.”Prescott became only the fourth rookie to start the Cowboys’ season opener, joining Staubach, Troy Aikman and Quincy Carter. Staubach was the only one of the four to win, though it was the only game he started during that 1969 season.The Cowboys expect Prescott to start at least six games while the compression fracture in Romo’s back heals.“I think they found a diamond in the rough there in the fourth round,” Staubach said of Prescott. “He’s just a confident guy, and you’ve got to transfer your own confidence to your teammates or you can’t get it done as a quarterback.Womens Roger Staubach Jerseys.That’s one of the most important things you can do is transfer your confidence to them. He seems like that’s what he does. They all believe in him.

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