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California’s 2018 race for governor just might get a little more fearsome.Former Los Angeles Rams football player Rosey Grier, who was a member of the famous “Fearsome Foursome” defensive line in the 1960s, says he plans to run for governor.Authentic Los Angeles Rams Jerseys.Grier, a Republican who lives in west Los Angeles and endorsed Donald Trump in the presidential election, said he expects to jump into the race in the near future though he hasn’t launched a campaign.“Yeah, I’m going to run for governor. I think we can do a lot of good,” Grier, 84, said in a recent phone interview. “I’ve spent my life serving my fellow man. I thought I would continue doing that.”Cheap Authentic Jerseys.Grier would face extremely long odds in the race, which already has attracted a list of top Democratic candidates , including Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and state Treasurer John Chiang.Grier, who became a minister and social activist after leaving professional football, said he has worked with the elderly and with gang members. He said California needs leaders who have real life experience turning people away “from the darkness” of despair.Though he has never held public office, the former football star has an eclectic political history: He supported the presidential bids of both Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan.Rosey Grier Jerseys Sale.

When Rosey Grier received the call about Deacon Jones on Monday night, it buckled him the way Jones had crumpled so many quarterbacks during his Hall of Fame career.Grier choked back tears Tuesday as he discussed the crushing loss of his former Los Angeles Rams teammate.Cheap Rosey Grier NFL Jerseys.The last surviving member of the famed defensive front nicknamed the “Fearsome Foursome,” Grier was staggered to learn the most fearsome one among their foursome was gone at 74.”It left me breathless,” Grier told USA TODAY Sports. “I didn’t know what to do. I mean it’s like you feel you’re being clobbered in the stomach.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.There’s no place to go to take care of that pain. You hold it and you try to deal with it and you try to calm calm down.”It was a heavy blow for me, like losing a family member. We four were family.”Then, Grier laughed, because Jones always made him and people everywhere laugh.”He had incredible speed coming off the ball and technique he learned from other people like the head slap,” Grier said with a chuckle. “I taught him the head slap when I came over from the Giants (in 1963). He learned that from me. Deacon said to me, ‘Yeah, but I perfected it.’ He was a great defensive end.”Cheap NFL Jerseys.

Wholesale Rosey Grier NFL Jerseys 

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Cheap Jerseys.Grier talked about his early days in Cuthbert, GA, where he came from a family of 15 brothers and sisters and rose to stardom in the professional football league.He also discussed his thoughts about salaries of athletes today as compared to what it was when he played with the New York Giants (7 years) and the Los Angeles Rams (4 years) where he, Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy and Deacon Jones ruled the gridiron as “The Fearsome Foursome.”Other subjects discussed included: The June 6, 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in LA’s famed Ambassador Hotel and how Grier placed his sizable thumb behind the trigger of the gun used by shooter Sirhan Sirhan to prevent the gun from discharging and hurting other people in the vicinity of Kennedy; his personal involvement with the Prostate Cancer Foundation with Michael Milken; importance of being a good father as well as a “role model” to others; his acting career in more than 85 television and film projects; his becoming a minister and current projects, i.e., cd’s, books, and “Industry of Athletics.”Authentic Rosey Grier Jerseys.

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