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Cheap Football Jerseys.”He’s the total package,” said All-Pro linebacker Sean Lee at the end of Cowboys’ OTAs. “Physically, mentally, I mean it’s a matter of time before he’s a dominant player. He’s put the work in, so it’s fun for me to be able to work with him.”And franchise quarterback Dak Prescott couldn’t be more proud to have Smith as a teammate.”He’s a wonderful person, he’s been a great friend,” said Prescott. “…Fellow rookie coming in and everything he’s been through, and more importantly his attitude that he’s kept through all of that — of being positive and knowing his abilities and not listening to people saying he can or can’t do anything.”I know once he gets going, he’s going to be the real deal.”Prescott also made clear that Smith “is a freak”, which is exactly what the Cowboys were banking on when they rolled the dice in 2016 and selected him 34th overall.And it’s looking more and more like those dice will come up with a four and a three, thanks to the five and the four.Wholesale Sean Lee Jerseys.

Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.Smith made quite an impression on Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee in 2016, at least. Not only was Lee impressed with how hard Smith worked all year, even though he was a long shot to play, but the two-time Pro Bowl selection actually wound up being better prepared for a game one week thanks to his young teammate’s inquiring mind.“We were in a meeting toward the end of the year and he asked a question about the game plan and I was like, ‘You know what, that was a great question. You know, I’m going to write that down and study that,’” Lee said, via Brandon George for The Dallas Morning News. “He was still at the end of the season learning and training his mind.”While Smith has begun practicing with his teammates, it will be awhile before the Cowboys know whether he’ll ever be the same player after a catastrophic knee injury in his final college game. That being said, moments like these with Lee demonstrate the former All-American and Butkus Award winner paired a high football IQ along with his tremendous athleticism.Mens White Sean Lee Jerseys.A second-round pick out of Notre Dame, Smith was projected as a possible top-five selection in the 2016 NFL Draft before sustaining a torn ACL, LCL and nerve damage in his right knee. He wound up missing his entire rookie season with the Cowboys.

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Throwback Jerseys.Coming into the 2013 offseason, quarterback Tony Romo was going to miss all of the offseason work due to having a minor back surgery in April of that year.Sean Lee Jerseys.Of course this was deemed as nothing serious, but it ended up being the beginning of the continuing back problems Romo would face for the rest of his career; he ended up missing the 2013 season finale due to a herniated disk in his back.That injury forced Romo to have surgery which lead into continued drama for the 2014 offseason.  The narrative focused around his rehab and on if these back injuries would hinder his career; this was his second back surgery in two years.  Then during the first practice of OTAs, Sean Lee torn his ACL and was lost for the season.  The biggest impact player on defense was lost before the first real practice and suddenly, the Cowboys were in scramble mode.  They ended up signing Rolando McClain to help fill the void.2015 didn’t offer much relief either.Kids Sean Lee Jerseys.The main headline continued to be Romo’s back as he was forced to miss another game in 2014 because of a separate injury.  Following closely was Dez Bryant’s decision to miss the offseason activities in protest of having the franchise tag placed on him.  That negotiation went right to the July 15 deadline where Bryant did eventually get a contract extension.

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