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Had you looked at the pre-combine rankings for that class.Cheap Sports Jerseys. you’d find that it wasn’t Fowler or Beasly leading the group but rather Ray and Randy Gregory, who both seemed like shoe-ins to go in the top 10. Ray and Gregory saw their draft hype quickly drop due to varying issues with Marijuana that muddied their draft stocks in the following months leading to their falls.Entering his third NFL season, Ray, unlike Gregory.Elite Shane Ray Jerseys. has rewarded the Denver Broncos for their selection, showing the type of explosiveness getting after the quarterback that made him such a vaunted prospect, while staying clean off of the field.We went back to the tape to see what Ray brings to the table, what he can improve, and how much potential is still left in the tank to turn him into a star at the level of Ware or counterpart Von Miller.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

Ray was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year in his final season at the University of Missouri. Yet, he had questions about his health, due to a late-season toe injury that prevented him from participating in the NFL Draft Combine. Wholesale Shane Ray Jerseys. Then, just days before the draft, he was popped for possession of marijuana. Many teams around the league may have had concerns about drafting a kid with that sort of luggage, but the Broncos saw a tremendous upside to Ray.Cheap Jerseys From China. He was an incredibly explosive athlete that could blow past hapless offensive linemen and make opposing quarterbacks very uncomfortable. Plus, it helped that the Broncos were in an advantageous position. In his rookie season, Ray accomplished what very few players do. He played on a historically great NFL defense that carried their team all the way to a Super Bowl victory.Wholesale Jerseys. He may not have been a starter, but he was still a contributor on a defense that

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For Ray and the rest of the Broncos defense, the locker room will be different without Ware. He retired in March after a long, successful NFL career.Cheap NFL Jerseys. His accomplishments include four first-team All-Pro selections, nine Pro Bowl appearances and signing a contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2009 that made him the highest-paid non-quarterback in the league at the time.The other Broncos will have to step up in his absence. Outside linebacker Von Miller is one of the best defensive players in the NFL.Jerseys For Sale. but he will now be depended on more than ever to be one of the team leaders.

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