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We’re still playing catch. It’s two guys that want to get something done. He’s really accurate when he’s throwing the ball so and I just want to catch the ball, so I try to keep it simple.Elite Stefon Diggs Jerseys. ”Not only is keeping it simple a focus of Diggs, but he knows that through his hard work in knowing the routes and executing them.Cheap Football Jerseys. he can not only increase his chances of being targeted in the offense. And more targets usually means a lot more production and even touchdowns.“I take pride. It’s like painting pictures. I want to draw the best canvas I can, make it look nice. So my quarterback likes it.”Wholesale Jerseys.

Authentic Stefon Diggs Jerseys. Stefon Diggs plays with a passion and desire that is matched by few around the NFL.The Vikings wide receiver is also rarely satisfied with his play, even as he made plenty of improvements last season, his second in the league.Diggs spoke earlier this spring about always working to be better than he was the day before.Youth Football Jerseys.“This year will just be another year to get better, to do better than last year,” Diggs said. “I kind of feel like last year, from the year prior to that when I was kind of disappointed going into my second season with a lot to prove, I have a lot to prove this year around.Cheap Jerseys.“I can do more, and I know I can do more, but more importantly, stay healthy throughout the year so I can be there for my team and be reliable,” Diggs added.Diggs’ stat line came in 13 games, and he did not suit up in three games due to injury.The former Maryland standout said one of his main goals in 2017 is to play a full 16-game schedule for the first time in his career.

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Diggs takes his job very seriously. Some players are worried about stats and stats only, but he is dedicated to doing the little things that add up to big numbers, like running routes.“It’s like painting pictures,” he said. Cheap NFL Jerseys China. “I want to draw the best canvas I can, make it look nice. So my quarterback likes it.“I try not to focus too much on records. I try to control what I can control. If any passes are thrown to me I just try to catch them and have a high completion rate. Because the more touches you have the more trust you have. Custom Jerseys.My focus this year is being healthy and then I can catch a lot more.”

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