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Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Los Angeles Rams receiver Tavon Austin went from 15 targets against the New York Giants to two targets against the Carolina Panthers.”Teams are not crazy,” Austin went on. “They definitely know what they’re doing, and they have their guys that they try to take out of the game. They’re not going to let you keep beating them with the same thing. That’s how this league goes. You might have one good year, and next year, it might get a little harder for you. That’s what it’s about.”Austin is seeing “a lot of different types of looks” this year, making it difficult for the Rams to get him the ball in open space. His 316 receiving yards are tied for 83rd, his 4.30 average yards after the catch rank 91st, and his 56.1 reception percentage ranks 136th.Asked if he has put added pressure on himself because of the extension, Austin said: “Not at all. I don’t look at it like that. Everybody likes money, but I’m not in it for the money. I definitely don’t put no pressure on myself. I just go out there and try to have fun. Whatever plays come to me, I just try to make the best of them.”Mens Tavon Austin Jerseys Sale.

The dogfight for offseason practice repetitions is real in the NFL, which is why the Rams are hoping to make the best of a bad situation.Womens Tavon Austin Jerseys.Without Tavon Austin (wrist) this spring, two of the team’s rookie wideouts — Cooper Kupp and Josh Reynolds — are hoping to maximize their time with presumptive starter Jared Goff. New head coach Sean McVay is hoping to bring them along to a point where his razor-thin depth chart at receiver doesn’t look so dire.”I think the idea is that we’re expecting some of these guys to contribute,” McVay told the Los Angeles Daily News. “And they certainly have to earn it and we know that we’re always looking to create competition at all spots.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Whoever we think is the best player to give us the best chance to have success, that’s who is going to play.”While this looks like an incredible challenge for a 31-year-old head coach, it is also an opportunity. McVay is coming into his tenure with one of the younger teams in the league, and as a former offensive coordinator, the ability to mold a young quarterback and two rookie wide receivers is enticing.If he’s anywhere close to the teacher he’s billed to be, the Rams could negate some of the troubles inherited by the Jeff Fisher era by taking advantage of the clearout at wide receiver (the team also lost Kenny Britt and Brian Quick this offseason to other clubs) and handing more reps to the up and comers.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.

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Tavon Austin thought about his mother on Wednesday afternoon. He always does, but on this day it was different.The Rams wide receiver was standing inside a four-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood called Sun Valley, nestled in the northwest section of Los Angeles.Tavon Austin Jerseys China.Austin and teammate Robert Quinn had spent more than $20,000 from their own bank accounts to furnish this place for a single mother named Rebecca Carter who had just been reunited with her six young children and was doing her best to put six years of periodic homelessness behind her.Carter walked in, and her eyes lit up — and Austin thought back to Baltimore, and Cathy Green, and all the odd jobs she worked to provide for four children, and the drive Austin felt to someday pay her back for it all.”My mom was pretty young, and she did what she could do,” Austin said. “We had six people in the house [his grandmother lived there, too], so I know how this feels. It put the drive in me to get to where I want to today. That’s how I looked at it, that’s how I approached it and that’s how I took it. Hopefully one of them little boys in there take it the same way that I took it. ‘I’m going to get Mommy out of here. I’m going to get us out of here.’ That’s what I did.”Authentic Los Angeles Rams Jerseys.

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