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The offense was so impressive, so incredible, and so productive (from a real and fantasy perspective) that it begs an important question: will the Falcons’ 2017 offense continue that fantasy dominance?The answer is, more than likely, yes—however, don’t expect Atlanta to repeat the same level of historical efficiency that they did last season.Red Taylor Gabriel NFL Jerseys.That type of season comes around once in a lifetime, and it’s unlikely for any team to repeat that level of success in back-to-back years. Instead, expect a top-5 offense and a productive fantasy season from the Falcons, not a record-shattering one.As far as whether or not you should target certain Falcons’ players in your fantasy drafts, that is a bit more interesting. If you had players like Matt Ryan, Taylor Gabriel, and Tevin Coleman on your fantasy roster last season, you probably fared pretty well. The reason? You probably got those players at fantastic value relative to their fantasy production.Going into the 2016 season, Ryan was a late round pick (I snagged him in the 13th round in one league and off waivers in another).Elite Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.Fantasy owners saw him as a low-ceiling option coming off a disappointing 2015 campaign. He ended the 2016 season as a top-3 QB in most scoring systems, and led many teams to a fantasy championship (myself included).

That’s a ludicrous thing to say about a franchise that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2002, and only twice since 1990.Authentic Taylor Gabriel Jerseys.But over the summer Cleveland hired former baseball executive Paul DePodesta to help Sashi Brown, who’d been the team’s general counsel, figure out a way to rebuild the NFL’s most moribund franchise.And that work figures to take some time.It is not going well so far, though. The Browns cut Taylor Gabriel, a diminutive wide receiver they’d signed as an undrafted free agent in 2014, back in September.Of course you have to take into account that the Falcons offense has many more weapons than the Browns’ offense, meaning Gabriel can get lost a little bit as defenses focus on Julio Jones. And the Falcons have a legit NFL quarterback playing behind a serviceable line. The environment around Gabriel is much better, and if football teaches us anything it is that you generally need to be surrounded by good people to succeed.Still. I can think of few NFL teams that wouldn’t be helped by a player as shifty and speedy as Gabriel.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. And I can think of no NFL team that needs talent and speed and creativity more than the Cleveland Browns.

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The Atlanta Falcons are going to make every effort to re-sign Taylor Gabriel. The dynamic wide receiver didn’t have a job six months ago.Cheap Football Jerseys.Now he’s a priority free agent, albeit one of the “restricted” variety. Ideally the Falcons will quickly give him the Ryan Schraeder treatment and we can all move on with our lives.Pro Football Focus is rapidly rolling out their off-season content. Today they highlighted some of the league’s best receivers by receiver type. As screen receivers go, Gabriel simply blew away the competition. (Please excuse the lengthy block quote; I couldn’t bear cutting it down.)The Atlanta Falcons found a surprise contributor right before the season when they claimed wide receiver Taylor Gabriel off waivers from Cleveland.It was a move the Browns regretted, according to one team source.”Hated that we did,” the source told ESPN.com about cutting ties with Gabriel. “Have all these young guys that needed to play.”The Browns drafted four wide receivers, including first-round pick Corey Coleman.Womens Taylor Gabriel Jerseys.One of them (Jordan Payton) is 23 years old, while the other three (Ricardo Louis, Rashard Higgins, and Coleman) are all 22. But Gabriel, at age 25, is by no means and old player.

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