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When he became a free agent on March 9, receiver Terrance Williams could have signed anywhere. He decided to take less money to stay in Dallas.Elite Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.“It just wasn’t about money to me,” Williams said Saturday, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “There was a lot of money I could have taken, but it’s just the people. The guys I hang around with in my locker room and then the coaches that I have. That’s a bigger price tag on it for me than money.”And so Williams, a third-round pick in 2013, opted to stay put as the No. 2 receiver to Dez Bryant.“I feel like Mr. Jones took a chance on me and I feel like I got to return the favor to him,” Williams said. “The same with Dez and the rest of my teammates. When you’ve been around certain people for so long, going somewhere else just wouldn’t feel the same if you’re being successful.So to go to a different state and come back home when I see my bros, it just wouldn’t feel the same. I just feel like I owed them the respect that they gave me. I know a lot of people [Cowboys fans] didn’t like it, that’s part of the reason too I came back.Terrance Williams Jerseys China.Everybody thought I was fixing to go off and take something else and most people were mad too so that’s why I like it.”

A few years into Tony Romo’s tenure as the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback, owner and general manager Jerry Jones came up with a term that stuck: “Romo friendly.”Mens Navy Blue Terrance Williams Jerseys.Over the years it was derided for the lack of defensive help for Romo and praised for the three first-round draft picks along the offensive line in Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick and Zack Martin.With Romo looking at his final hours, days or weeks with the Cowboys, Jones perhaps is looking to continue the same approach with Dak Prescott.The re-signing of wide receiver Terrance Williams is “Dak friendly.”That’s good news for Prescott, who can build off his rookie season without having to learn the ins and outs of another pass-catcher.But Jones will have to show some more friendliness to Prescott along the offensive line after the free-agent departure of left guard Ronald Leary to the Denver Broncos and the impending retirement of right tackle Doug Free.At the combine, there did not seem to be any rush to move La’el Collins to right tackle if something happened to Free, retirement or not. The Cowboys have believed Collins’ best position is guard. If the Cowboys are able to retain Jonathan Cooper, who signed the week of the playoffs, then perhaps Collins could slide out to tackle; however, he remains no sure thing out there either.Jerseys From China.Chaz Green, a third-round pick in 2015, would be the top option at right tackle, but he has only two more games to his credit (four) than surgeries (two) in his first two seasons.

Elite Navy Blue Terrance Williams Jerseys

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That certainly isn’t to say the Baylor star isn’t solid at his position, because he is — as well as being one of the best downfield blockers on the team.Throwback Jerseys.And with other NFL teams outright lacking a star receiver, it’s likely he gets paid like one despite failing to prove he can be the marquee threat.The narrative attached to Williams is one of maddening inconsistency, and it’s one he’s not been able to shake in the minds of the Cowboys’ faithful.He has brought much of it on himself, though, with sporadic plays that involve poor decisions as well as untimely drops. So, while he was a key part of the offensive success in 2016, many fans will never let go of the Week 1 decision to remain inbounds which helped cost the Cowboys the win.His career in the NFL is mixed with as many eye-popping plays as it is disturbingly ill-timed mistakes, which should afford the Cowboys a bit of a discount this offseason.In all fairness, Williams certainly bounced back from the Week 1 debacle, putting up a strong year across the board for Dallas — including delivering the highest catch percentage of his career by a mile.Wholesale Terrance Williams Jerseys.

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