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“Ezekiel Elliott is the man,” legendary Cowboys running back and four-time Pro Bowler Tony Dorsett said on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Friday.Dallas Cowboys Jerseys China.”I love his game. I love his attitude. I love his preparation. I love everything about this man. And the thing about it is I love his durability. This guy shows up week in and week out and he plays like a man. He gets the job done. He doesn’t let it get to his head — he doesn’t get too high or too low. He just says even keel and he goes out there and shows up. He’s a working man. He puts his hard hat on every day and comes out and plays.”Dorsett was thrilled to have Elliott break his Cowboys rookie rushing record, which stood until late November when Elliott reached 1,008 yards against the Baltimore Ravens in late November.”First of all, I’m surprised it stood that long, and to see a guy of his character and his caliber and the way he carries himself both on and off the football field, if anybody you’d want to see break it — he’s a guy who’s a true gentleman, true athlete,” he said.Wholesale Tony Dorsett Jerseys.”He’s just all-around greatness on and off the field so you can’t help but wish the best for this young man. He’s not only going to break that record but a lot more.”

Dorsett, 61, says he started realizing he had problems when he couldn’t remember how to get to familiar places and became short-tempered with his wife and four children. In 2013, Dorsett says he had his brain scanned at the UCLA Medical Center, and that the scans showed signs of CTE, a degenerative brain disease believed to be caused by concussions.Elite White Tony Dorsett Jerseys.Dorsett says there was no discussion about the impact of concussions on athletes during his playing days. “No, nobody talked about concussions. And then if they did, it’s like, ‘shake it off and get back out there,’” says Dorsett, a former Dallas Cowboys star.“Management knew way before players on what the damage that was being done to the players,” Dorsett tells Rocca. “From my knowledge, they knew about it way before the players knew it.”“No one who was a part of the management team when Tony played in Dallas has been a part of the organization for the past 27 years, so it would not be appropriate for us to comment on their behalf,” said a Dallas Cowboys spokesman.Throwback Jerseys.Rocca reports on the ongoing concerns about concussions in all levels of football. He also talks with a six-year-old tackle football player and his mother, with sports columnist Sally Jenkins, and with Archie Manning, a former New Orleans Saints star and the father of current NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning.

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Discount Jerseys.Dorsett let on that he occasionally forgets how to go places he has been many times and that he’s battled depression and dementia as a result of his CTE. However, Dorsett said he would still let his son play football, given what we know now about injuries. “Yes I would,” he said. “I would just be a little bit more concerned about certain injuries. When I was playing, my whole mentality was that if I could walk I’d play.”Dorsett also spoke about several Cowboys-related issues. Of his friend and fellow former Cowboy Charles Haley making the Hall of Fame, Dorsett said, “Now it’s like he’s in football heaven. The NFL Hall of Fame is a great, great accomplishment. I’m very happy for him.” And about DeMarco Murray’s great season during which he led the NFL in rushing yards, Dorsett said, “Let me tell ya. What a surprise. I was really taken back by the season that DeMarco Murray had. He showed up week in and week out.Mens Tony Dorsett Jerseys.The thing about it is that he has a big, strong offensive line. They complement each other quite well.”

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