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Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis tackled tight end Tony Gonzalez many times throughout their careers.Cheap Jerseys From China.On Thursday night, Lewis took down Gonzalez one more time.Lewis beat Gonzalez on “Lip Sync Battle” (which airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Spike), and he really wasn’t playing fair. His final song was Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” which was played every time Lewis came out of the Ravens’ tunnel on game days, and he performed his legendary dance.It was a hilarious and energetic showing by Lewis, who went all-in on the performance. He sported Nelly’s signature band-aid on his left cheek in addition to wearing the white headband and white sleeveless shirt from the video of the 2002 hip-hop hit.In the middle of the song, Lewis was joined on stage by Nelly. They ended with Lewis’ familiar end-of-dance pose, with both arms outstretched and the right leg raised.Lewis began the show by lip syncing to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” a sultry classic that couldn’t be more different than “Hot in Herre.”Womens Tony Gonzalez Jerseys.While holding hands with women in the front row of the stage, Lewis was in full crooner mode, which caught everyone by surprise.

Depending on how the Ravens feel about the loss, a trade might seem to make sense if a veteran like Gary Barnidge‘s price is too high or is simply not a fit.Authentic Tony Gonzalez Jerseys.The Chiefs currently have too many tight ends heading into training camp and that’s even after trading James O’Shaughnessy to the New England Patriots. That’s why a low-level trade might provide a draft asset for the Chiefs while simultaneously helping the Ravens feel a bit better about the loss of Pitta.Behind All-Pro Travis Kelce, the Chiefs have a number of pass catching options they’ve been developing. The No. 2 guy is assumed to be Demetrius Harris, who was arrested on a felony possession of marijuana charge earlier this year, but the Chiefs have been very clear that they’re trusting the legal process to help sort things out. They have a lot invested and he’s grown every year under the coach’s tutelage.Custom Jerseys.It’s also clear that the Chiefs like what they have in former Penn State basketball player Ross Travis. Another basketball player-turned-tight end a la Harris or even Tony Gonzalez, Travis has slowly hung around and moved up the depth chart, outlasting competition to stay in range for the active roster.If the Ravens are up for a bit of the legal drama hanging around Harris, perhaps he makes sense as a buy-low target who is still definitely developing into a nice target.Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys.Even more, they might be interested in former Cowboys tight end Gavin Escobar, a catch-first tight end who has shown the ability at the college level to be a dynamic pass catcher a la Pitta (hence the second round pick used on him). He failed to emerge from Jason Witten’s shadow, but the Chiefs grabbed him early in free agency and he’s a potential sleeper waiting to be used in the right offense.

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Throwback Jerseys.In the eight days since New England won Super Bowl LI, a total of six players have said that they’re not going to take the trip to Washington to meet with President.If you’re like me and scoring at home, here is the current list of players who won’t be attending the White House ceremony: Devin McCourty, Martellus Bennett, Chris Long, Dont’a Hightower, LeGarrette Blount and Alan Branch.That’s more than 10 percent of the Patriots active roster. By this time next week, it will probably be easier to list the players who are going.The players who aren’t going have made it clear that they’re against Trump and his politics, which is exactly why they should go, according to Tony Gonzalez.The CBS Sports analyst thinks that every Patriots player should attend the White House ceremony for one very interesting reason: They can voice their displeasure to Trump right to his face.”If you’ve got a problem, go there and meet him. Say something. That’s your opportunity to get your voice out there.Black Tony Gonzalez Jerseys.To get heard,” Gonzalez recently told TMZ. “When people are like, ‘I would never talk to him, I would never go.’ That’s silly, how do you expect to move forward if you don’t go.”That being said, Gonzalez is well aware that the president probably wouldn’t listen if several players were to complain.


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