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Jerseys For Sale.Although the Chiefs haven’t advanced past the Divisional Round, it’s been a successful run for the team. It just hasn’t been great for Fantasy owners.For the most part, we’ve had the benefit of Jamaal Charles as a Fantasy stud. Elite Travis Kelce Jerseys.Travis Kelce has emerged as a standout tight end, and we had one good season from Jeremy Maclin and another good year from Tyreek Hill. But that’s really been the extent of the main Fantasy production in Kansas City under Reid, including quarterback Alex Smith. He’s been fine for the team but does little for Fantasy owners in the majority of leagues.This year, the Chiefs may actually have several Fantasy-relevant players, even though Charles (Denver) and Maclin (Baltimore) are gone. Cheap Jerseys From China.At running back, third-round rookie Kareem Hunt from Toledo will battle Spencer Ware for the starting job.

His end-of-year success has led to many people predicting he will have a breakout season the past two years, including heading into this season. Cheap Jerseys.However, saying he will have a breakout season makes no sense considering he was already one of the top tight ends last year. With that said, instead of predicting Ertz will have a breakout season, I am predicting that Ertz will be regarded as one of the best tight ends in the NFL this season.Cheap Travis Kelce Jerseys. The term “elite” is most notably associated with a player at the top of their position, so I will say that Ertz will be regarded as elite in 2017.Second-year quarterback Carson Wentz took some time to build a rapport with Ertz last year, though, it started to click towards the end of the season.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Wentz used Ertz as his security blanket and went to him often. He has shown he can take games over, but he just needs to find consistency throughout the season.

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One of the best things that Andy Reid and company can do for Mahomes is get opposing coordinators to worry about as much square yardage of the field as they can.Youth Football Jerseys. This is more difficult than it may seem, and is one of the biggest problems I have with Alex Smith and his game management style. Everything is done in a phone booth when Smith is at quarterback. He hasn’t proven the ability or willingness to consistently hurt people down field the way other quarterbacks have. Because of this he plays the short passing game in a more congested space.Luckily for the Chiefs, Mahomes is one of the rarest arm talents you’ll ever find.Cheap NFL Jerseys China. His ability to stretch the field vertically will make it more difficult for teams to try and defend Mahomes if he can execute plays.

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