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After missing the better part of two years and losing his place in the Giants’ offense, Cruz is making progress in his transition to the Bears.Authentic Victor Cruz Jerseys.Cruz also told SiriusXM that he has had no setbacks and is “excited to continue to prove I have a lot left”Mike Glennon: Because Glennon hasn’t started a game since 2014 with the Buccaneers, veteran slot receiver Victor Cruz was eager to size him up during spring practices and the start of camp. “I wanted to see what his command was like,” said Cruz, the former Giants star. Custom Jerseys.”Can he command an offensive huddle? How he talks to us; how he communicates; what he wants from his receiving corps; his offense in general. He has done a great job. I think he’s concise. He’s clear about what he wants, how he wants it run. He’s able to apply what he wants on the field and talks us through.”Youth Football Jerseys.

Elite Victor Cruz Jerseys.Viral video challenges have been used to rev up interest in causes — the Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS, for example — and Victor Cruz wants to use that model to draw eyes to a vision loss campaign. The new Bears receiver talked about being the face for #EyePic, hanging with Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade at Paris Fashion Week and whether he’ll stick his salsa end zone dance.”Me being someone that wears contact lenses.Cheap China Jerseys. I understand the importance of your vision. I understand how this campaign to bring awareness to preventable blindness is a big deal. … It’s an easy step, just posting a picture of your eyes, adding the hashtag #EyePic and tagging two friends to do the same.Cruz ruminated on his two choices. “I know one is going to be (former Giants teammate) Odell Beckham, for sure. He owes me one — or two.”Wholesale Jerseys. The second person will be “Mike Glennon. Definitely Mike G.”

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Cheap Sports Jerseys.“I’ve been in the safe zone,” said Cruz of how his style has evolved. “I’ve cemented my style and what I like — the baseball jackets, t-shirts, the suits. Now it’s time to experience new things and go outside the box a little bit. Create looks people wouldn’t think I would wear. It’s about being able to let people judge you a little bit.”Meanwhile, Wade’s must-have piece of clothing is joggers.“I have so many pairs,” he said. “I can dress it up or down. Cheap Jerseys From China.I don’t wear a specific brand. I’m all over the board. But it has to be a tighter, ribbed bottom, so I can pull it up over my sneakers. And they have to be stylish – not the dad ones. I’m a dad, but I don’t want dad joggers.”

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