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In 2012, Franklin was Louisiana Tech’s offensive coordinator and Taylor was a 160-pound high school senior who couldn’t get some Division II schools to notice him.Wholesale Wes Welker Jerseys.But Franklin couldn’t take his eyes off him when Taylor attended Louisiana Tech’s summer camp. And he wasn’t alone.Jerseys For Sale.Taylor was so impressive that Bulldogs wide receivers Quinton Patton and Myles White, both future NFL players, made mid-camp pleas to Franklin: Give that mighty mite a scholarship.“They came running across the field at me and were screaming ‘If you don’t take him, you’re crazy,’” Franklin said. “They loved it because Trent absolutely killed everybody there. He didn’t just beat everybody; he made them look silly.”Cheap Football Jerseys.

Youth Football Jerseys.“I think I knew the type of people I was going to be around and the type of situation it was going to be and the type of football and competition that we were going to have on this football team,” Welker said of coming to Houston. “I was just excited about the opportunity and luckily, Coach O’Brien gave me a chance.”Welker took some time away from the game after multiple concussions led him to know that he wanted to pursue coaching. O’Brien welcomed him with open arms. “I think I kind of knew, even while I was playing and stuff.Authentic Wes Welker Jerseys. I always looked at it like, oh, those coaches put too much time in, they have to work too long, all that stuff,” Welker said of the coaching life. “I think if I would have jumped into coaching right after I was done playing, I probably would have felt that way.Jerseys From China. Taking the year off and realizing how much I love the game, how much I love being around the guys and really just learning and having some laughs and being able to compete is something that I really live for.”

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O’Brien will never turn down an opportunity to have joint practices during training camp and has done that every camp since he arrived. Custom Jerseys.“We, obviously since I’ve been here, we’ve had a lot of joint practices. We get so much out of that,” O’Brien commented. “It breaks up the monotony of training camp. You’re able to see your own players against different schemes instead of seeing the same scheme, day in and day out. You’re able to see how other teams do things. You’re able to see how your roster compares to another team’s roster, and vice-versa. I think it’s great for our scouting staff to be able to watch another team up close like that.Authentic NFL Jerseys. The competition level is great.”The Texans will use the preseason games for some looks at their core group, but most of that work will be done during joint practices with both the offense and defense.

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